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November 2022

Bitcoin price falls to more than two-year low amid growing concerns about FTX fallout

Investors are unnerved by the possibility of more failures among companies linked to the now bankrupt FTX exchange, fearing a repeat of the Terra-Luna stablecoin collapse in May that also brought down other businesses.

Crypto prices slide as investors pull funds on concerns other exchanges may follow FTX implosion

The collapse of one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges last week has investors worried about the finances of other trading platforms. Cold wallet time?

NFT sales decline for sixth straight month despite tailwinds

While October saw the emergence of two very popular NFT collections, sales failed to break US$500 million in the lowest figures since July 2021.

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Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices rise as top 10 cryptos strengthen

Markets: Bitcoin, crypto rise as FTX contagion fears ease

Markets: Bitcoin, other tokens add to losses in Asia trading Monday

Markets: Bitcoin, other crypto start week lower as FTX collapse continues rumble through the industry

Markets: Bitcoin flat, most crypto top 10 fall as Fed indicates further rate rises

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall as FTX implosion, job cuts in tech industry cloud outlook

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise amid positive inflation data, despite reports of Russian missile strikes in Poland

FTX hacker becomes 35th largest Ethereum holder

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether gain in crypto market rebound off slowing U.S. inflation

Markets: Bitcoin hits year low, Ether slumps as Binance rescue of FTX unnerves investors

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices fall with most of crypto top 10, Polygon flips Solana

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices pull back after weekend gain on sign U.S. inflation may be easing

Bitcoin, Ether prices rise, Polygon leads top 10 in gains, Doge, Shib retreat

Markets: Bitcoin and Ether fall with crypto top 10 as Fed raises rates 75 bps

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether drop; Dogecoin rally ends

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices flat; Dogecoin, SHIB lead gains in crypto top 10

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise; Dogecoin, Shiba Inu biggest gainers in top 10 crypto

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices fall; Dogecoin, Shiba Inu bull run continues; BNB gains

November 2022

Ethereum supply would have grown by 350,000 tokens under PoW

A recent token launch on Ethereum pushed the network into a deflationary state and the blockchain’s shift to PoS may lower supply even further.

Apes still rule among the bears: NFT market falls for fifth straight month

‘Crypto Winter’ has touched all elements of the crypto market, and non-fungible tokens are no different.

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Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices fall; Dogecoin, Shiba Inu bull run continues; BNB gains

Ethereum’s LooksRare latest NFT marketplace to make creator royalties optional

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall; Dogecoin gains as Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout moves ahead

Markets: Bitcoin price nears US$21,000 amid market rally as Ether, Dogecoin lead gains

Markets: Bitcoin price back above US$20,000, Ether jumps as U.K. votes to regulate crypto

Markets: Bitcoin falls as mining difficulty hits record high, rest of crypto top 10 also decline

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether, Polygon gain; US equities see largest gains since June

Markets: Bitcoin dips, 30-day volatility at 2 year low; Ether falls, Dogecoin gains

Fidelity Digital Assets to allow clients to trade Ether

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall along with rest of crypto top 10; Uniswap gains

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall with top 10 cryptos, XRP slumps

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall as EU considers crackdown on energy-intensive crypto mining

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise; Polygon, Solana lead gainers among the top 10 tokens

Markets: Bitcoin inches up, most top 10 cryptos stable after rollercoaster week

Markets: Bitcoin rises as Ether leads gains in crypto top 10

Markets: Bitcoin rebounds with equities after inflation data sparks initial sell off

Ethereum price undervalued since The Merge: report

Coin Center files lawsuit over Tornado Cash sanctions, defends crypto privacy rights

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether prices rise; BNB little changed following BSC hard fork

BNY Mellon, largest custodian bank, starts Bitcoin, Ether custody services

Markets: Bitcoin price falls with Ether, Doge sole gainer in top 10 cryptocurrencies

Top Ethereum gas guzzler XEN Crypto is crunching ETH supply

Markets: Bitcoin price slides, Ether drops with rest of crypto top 10, XRP leads losses

Markets: Bitcoin rises but remains below US$20,000; Ether gains, XRP leads crypto top 10

Markets: Bitcoin dips; BNB drops on chain glitch; Ether, XRP little changed

Markets: Bitcoin dips but holds above US$20,000, Ether falls, XRP only gainer in top 10

Markets: Bitcoin rises above US$20,000, gaining with Ether and rest of crypto top 10 as U.S. equities surge

Markets: Bitcoin price holds above US$19,000; Ether rises, XRP biggest gainer

Markets: Bitcoin price rises above US$19,000, Ether and rest of crypto top 10 gain

SEC fines Kim Kardashian US$1.26 mln for promoting EthereumMax

October 2022

Scalability is Ethereum’s post-Merge focus: Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin identified Ethereum’s next big challenges as scalability and layer 2 implementations at the Converge22 conference.

Why YOU should back Ethereum’s Fork

The SEC’s plans for POS regulation could make Ethereum’s POW fork more attractive. Chinese miner Chandler Guo joins us to talk about it.

Terra chief faces arrest as South Korea ramps up global manhunt

Top blockchain and crypto news: Where is Do Kwon hiding out? Ethereum Merge mood fading fast. China’s digital yuan draws scrutiny Down Under.

Binance’s crypto keys; What’s after the Merge?

Binance takes the headlines today as they lead the funding of blockchain security specialists Salus Security.

Ethereum’s PoW forks competing for market share see significant selloff

These PoW forks were created to keep revenue flowing for Ethereum’s miners, but plummeting prices put that plan at risk.

Will Ethereum ever surpass Bitcoin? This is “The Flippening”

Many believe Ethereum is destined to overtake Bitcoin’s dominance in an event known as “The Flippening.” Find out if Ethereum’s reign is inevitable in this Forkast explainer.

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SEC fines Kim Kardashian US$1.26 mln for promoting EthereumMax

ENS address registrations in September notch an all-time monthly high

Markets: XRP jumps amid court ruling against SEC, Bitcoin gains, Ether sole loser in crypto top 10

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise; BNB leads gainers in top 10 crypto, followed by Solana

Markets: Bitcoin price back under US$20,000, Ether little changed, XRP falls, Uniswap gains

Markets: Bitcoin price rises above US$20,000, XRP rebounds, Ether rallies

Markets: XRP reverses gains, Bitcoin stuck under US$19,000, Ether trades lower

Markets: XRP soars 23%, Bitcoin holds above US$19,000, Ether gains

Markets: XRP bounces back, Bitcoin stuck under US$19,000, Ether loses more ground post-Merge

Markets: Bitcoin price falls below US$19,000, XRP gains on SEC lawsuit developments, Ether post-Merge slide continues

Markets: Dogecoin reenters top 10 tokens by market cap, Bitcoin and Ethereum up

Markets: Bitcoin back above US$19,000 while Ether posts strongest gains since post-Merge

Markets: Bitcoin back below US$20,000 while Ether leads losses in crypto top 10