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Crypto Rising

CBDCS & Stablecoins: The Asia Perspective

We are in a history defining moment where money is evolving. It’s not easy to replicate cash, and central bankers around the world face unique challenges.

The U.S. is softening up to the idea of CBDCs with the launch of a technical sandbox to study the digital dollar.

Here in Asia, China is speeding away with the launch of the digital yuan. Singapore is experimenting with innovative digital asset payment solutions while tightening rules on retail crypto investors. The Philippines central bank is optimistic yet cautious on the potential of crypto in the country.

Key themes:
> How will CBDCs and stablecoins transform the financial system in Asia?
> Can the region lead the way for digital transformation of money?
> What are some unique opportunities in the digital assets space in Singapore and Philippines?
> What are some of the challenges central banks face when regulating digital assets?
> How can regulators ensure the security and privacy of individuals while maintaining public confidence?


  • Linda Jeng, Chief Global Regulatory Officer and General Counsel of Crypto Council for Innovation, on the policy implications of stablecoins and the role of regulators in the U.S.
  • Melchor T. Plabasan, Director Technology Risk and Innovation Supervision Department of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on defining and regulating digital assets to improve monitoring and consumer protection in the Philippines
  • Martin Pickrodt, CEO, Marketnode and Head of Fixed Income ofSGX on working with regulators to create a digital assets ecosystem in Singapore

Thursday, September 22, 09:00 – 10:00 HKT

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Event Thumbnail CR August

Crypto Rising

The Future of Crypto Regulations: APAC and Beyond

Despite market volatility against the backdrop of a global recession, blockchain and crypto adoption continues to make headway across APAC.

Key questions remain: Are digital assets securities, commodities or currencies? What does the recent U.S. bill that defines Bitcoin and Ethereum as commodities mean for crypto policy in APAC?

From Singapore’s tightening policies to Hong Kong’s upcoming mandatory licensing for exchanges and Australia’s stablecoin regulations, hear from our speakers on how to navigate the new regulatory landscape.


  • Senator Andrew Bragg (Liberal Senator for New South Wales) on why Australia needs urgent crypto regulations
  • Caroline Bowler (CEO, BTC Markets) who leads the largest digital assets exchange in Australia
  • Angelina Kwan (CEO, Stratford Finance) who formerly led regulatory compliance for Hong Kong Exchange
  • Hassan Ahmed (Head of SE Asia, Coinbase) on policy outlook for SE Asia
  • Moderated by Sean Lee (Senior Advisor, Crypto Council for Innovation) and Angie Lau (Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Forkast)

August 26, 2022

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Event Thumbnail CR June

Crypto Rising

The Future of Stablecoins

Stablecoins serve a key role in the crypto ecosystem. They’re a digital expression of a currency, in most cases, the U.S. dollar. But not all stablecoins are created equal.

Increasingly, regulators are wading into stablecoin space.

With the collapse of Terra, regulators across the globe are now in a race, possibly against time. How will this shape the future of stablecoins? What function do stablecoins play in a future digital asset-based financial system? How should banks, financial institutions and investors think about stablecoins as both an asset and a liability?

Join us at Crypto Rising, where smart conversations happen. We explore the vulnerabilities of stablecoins, what is likely to happen on the regulatory side and what role stablecoins might increasingly play in the future.

June 30, 2022

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Forkast+ NOW

Stablecoins: Beyond the Headlines

As an early breakout, Terra’s LUNA had it all: a vibrant ecosystem of developers, retail and institutional investor support and a solid top-10 token by market capitalization.

But after the collapse of LUNA and UST in one of the crypto world’s biggest ever flops, what’s next for stablecoins?

To make sense of what’s happening, Forkast+ NOW is on location in Davos, Switzerland and will explore the greater impact and the future of algorithmic stablecoins with the some of the world’s top thinkers.

Read more about the event here.

May 24, 2022

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Event Thumbnail CR May

Crypto Rising

The Crisis in Ukraine: War in the Age of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are playing an unprecedented role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with some calling it the world’s first crypto war.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion including web3.0 founders with ties to Ukraine to discuss how the continuing crisis will shape the age of crypto and decentralization.

Read more about the event here.

12 May 2022

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event holidayfestivNFTs

Holiday FestivNFTs

Forkast is co-hosting with Voxoglass to put on Holiday FestiNFTs at the Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club. Great food, fantastic drinks and live music will serve as the perfect backdrop to network, rub shoulders, grow our network… and chat about all the ways you think 2022 will be the year that NFTs will connect the digital space to the physical world.

December 15, 2021

event location Hong Kong

event bitcoin beyond

Bitcoin & Beyond Summit 2021

From adoption by countries to a discussion on the role of crypto media, the Bitcoin & Beyond Summit brings together some of the most visionary and creative innovators in the crypto space to discuss the most pressing topics.

November 10, 2021

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