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event crypto rising

Crypto Rising

The Crisis in Ukraine: War in the Age of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are playing an unprecedented role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with some calling it the world’s first crypto war.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion including web3.0 founders with ties to Ukraine to discuss how the continuing crisis will shape the age of crypto and decentralization.

12 May 2022

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event holidayfestivNFTs

Holiday FestivNFTs

Forkast is co-hosting with Voxoglass to put on Holiday FestiNFTs at the Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club. Great food, fantastic drinks and live music will serve as the perfect backdrop to network, rub shoulders, grow our network… and chat about all the ways you think 2022 will be the year that NFTs will connect the digital space to the physical world.

December 15, 2021

event location Hong Kong

event bitcoin beyond

Bitcoin & Beyond Summit 2021

From adoption by countries to a discussion on the role of crypto media, the Bitcoin & Beyond Summit brings together some of the most visionary and creative innovators in the crypto space to discuss the most pressing topics.

November 10, 2021

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