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About us

Stories of emerging technology at the intersection of business, economy, and politics.

From Asia, to the world.

Technology is by its very nature, disruptive. But understanding it also helps us navigate this age of disruption better.

Forkast was started in 2018 with a simple premise: Technology should be understood by the people it will impact most. At Forkast, we believe that the story of technology will shape the dynamics of a global economy in the near future. And in fact, it already has.

Forkast has been at the forefront of this dynamic since day one. We grew out of a recognition that technology must be covered beyond cryptocurrency price moves and understanding code or engineering –– it should be covered in context, and by its impact.

Forkast brings you stories and analysis on emerging technology at the intersection of business, economy, and politics. Our mission is to help you understand Asia’s role in this global story of technology innovation.

As read by leaders in mainstream media and industries

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Our team

A20201123 01 Angie Lau

Angie Lau

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

As an award-winning 20+ year veteran in broadcast journalism, Angie is most recognized for her role as Bloomberg Television’s Asia anchor of “First Up with Angie Lau” where she’s collected 10,000+ interviews in her career, including some of the top newsmakers and business leaders in the world.

Sarah Chang Profile 2021

Sarah Chang

Co-Founder & COO

Sarah leads Operations and Product. As a former consultant at McKinsey & Company turned startup operator, she has worked with multiple early-stage startups in San Francisco, New York, and London spanning digital media, consumer tech, B2B retail, and innovation strategy. Sarah is a graduate of Columbia University and the University of Oxford.