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March 2023

Circle’s USDC bounces back after Silicon Valley Bank bust

Top blockchain and crypto news: USDC stabilizes after SVB collapse. Silvergate closes shop. China tightens financial supervision.

Circle’s Disparte speaks on de-risking crypto from banking risks

The recent U.S. banks fallout is a stress test for both traditional finance and digital assets but to weather the storm side by side is a powerful opportunity, says Circle Chief Strategy Officer Dante Disparte.

Banks are bringing systemic risks to crypto, says Circle’s Disparte

The recent U.S. bank failures are proof that the banking system is introducing systemic risks to the crypto industry, not vice versa, says Circle chief strategy officer Dante Disparte.

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Binance sees US$627 mln in net Ethereum outflow following CFTC lawsuit

Fed’s Powell says stablecoins could have role in financial sector if properly regulated

Japanese banks to launch, test stablecoins on ‘Japan Open Chain’

March 2023

Paxos ordered to stop minting Binance stablecoin as SEC mulls legal action

Top blockchain and crypto news: Paxos halts BUSD issuance. Kraken faces disclosure charges. Beijing backs new blockchain research center.

Crypto Clampdown Begins

As financial regulators around the world continue to crackdown on stablecoins, some are asking if they are overreaching their jurisdiction.

Be careful what you wish for? Regulators pick up pace in the crypto industry crackdown

Last year was memorable in the emerging world of digital assets for the sheer number of corporate failures. The industry itself has been asking for clearer legal guidelines to help development. Is that what’s happening now?

Why the cloud will be critical to US competitiveness in world finance

The future global financial system will be reliant on the cloud, especially when it comes to CBDCs and stablecoins, writes Michael Greenwald and Logan Weber.

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Japanese banks to launch, test stablecoins on ‘Japan Open Chain’

Binance CEO says more non-USD stablecoins may emerge

Paxos ordered to stop issuing Binance USD stablecoin: report

Securities and Exchange Commission may sue BUSD stablecoin issuer Paxos, WSJ reports

Stablecoin issuer Paxos probed by New York regulator

Cardano’s Djed stablecoin locks US$10 mln in reserves on its first day

Hong Kong to mandate stablecoin licensing as early as this year

February 2023

What does the future hold for digital assets in 2023?

NFTs, tokenization and blockchain-based cross-border payments will see big paradigm shifts, but their success will depend on regulation, investment and adoption, writes Stephen Richardson of Fireblocks.

Where is the stablecoin market heading in 2023?

FTX’s collapse triggered a stablecoin sell-off, but we will need them to survive the Crypto Winter, writes Vladimir Gorbunov of

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Hong Kong to mandate stablecoin licensing as early as this year

Japan’s financial regulator aims to lift ban on foreign stablecoins by June this year

Universal digital payments network for stablecoins, CBDCs launches at Davos

National Australia Bank to launch AUDN stablecoin: report

Binance’s BUSD-peg stablecoin has not always been fully collateralized: report

Hong Kong lawmaker says e-HKD has potential to be a stablecoin

January 2023

Why local currency stablecoins are needed in non-US countries

Stablecoins in USD are becoming the digital world’s default currency — which burdens ordinary crypto users and monetary policies in smaller nations, writes Wei Zhou of

Salary in stablecoins?

Can crypto and stablecoins be used to pay employees across borders as remote working becomes more popular?

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Hong Kong lawmaker says e-HKD has potential to be a stablecoin

Retiring U.S. Senator Pat Toomey introduces bill for regulating stablecoins

Binance resumes USDC withdrawals amid record stablecoin outflows

Binance ‘temporarily’ freezes USDC stablecoin withdrawals, cites need for NY banks to reopen

S.Korea central bank puts hand up to regulate stablecoins

December 2022

Stablecoin, CBDC issues take center stage at Singapore’s Future of Finance Forum

Central bank digital currencies draw fire over inflation, privacy and threat to innovation, as questions raised over status of stablecoins in digital asset ecosystem.

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle wins Singapore digital payment license

The issuer of the world’s second-largest stablecoin is joining a fleet of companies in the digital asset industry moving into Singapore. What’s the attraction?

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S.Korea central bank puts hand up to regulate stablecoins

Regulators should seek greater disclosure from stablecoin issuers: HK monetary authority researchers

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle expects slower growth over Binance’s BUSD conversion

Payments platform StraitsX to show real-world stablecoin use at Singapore Fintech Festival

November 2022

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Payments platform StraitsX to show real-world stablecoin use at Singapore Fintech Festival

Huobi Global to end HUSD trading, delist stablecoin

A 100% reserve is a must for any stablecoin: Wemade CEO

Singapore floats tests for retail crypto traders, plans to regulate stablecoins

Hong Kong, BIS explore CBDC-backed stablecoins in retail prototype

South Korea’s MIR4 maker Wemade launches stablecoin

Fed’s top bank watchdog eyes new regulation for banks doing crypto

Singapore eyes blockchain-based payment systems for faster cross-border transactions

Tether says commercial paper holdings now less than US$50 mln

October 2022

Are stablecoins like Tether ready for regulatory scrutiny?

The Terra UST disaster is spurring regulators to converge on global stablecoin standards, writes Michael Shing of XREX. But major issuers still fall short.

Future of CBDCs & Stablecoins

Can regulators strike a balance between innovation and regulation of stablecoins and CBDCs? We take a closer look in today’s episode of TDF.

U.S. Fed has growing interest in CBDCs, says Jeng at Crypto Council for Innovation

Linda Jeng, chief regulatory officer and general counsel at the Crypto Council for Innovation said the U.S. has seen the writing on the wall and is expanding the conversation about cryptocurrency, in comments at Forkast’s “Crypto Rising: CBDCs & Stablecoins: The Asia Perspective.”

Philippine central bank sees stablecoins as key to make payments more efficient

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Director Mhel Plabasan said the central bank has adopted a flexible approach on the digital assets.

‘Act smart, but act fast’: Industry experts say there’s no time to waste addressing stablecoins, CBDCs in Asia

Panelists at Forkast’s “Crypto Rising: CBDCs & Stablecoins: The Asia Perspective,” co-hosted by the Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI), said tackling the technology requires international cooperation and flexibility to not stifle innovation.

Binance stablecoin conversion controversial, but what does it mean for users?

Binance generated controversy when it told customers it would convert their holdings in three stablecoins to its own stablecoin. Some analysts say the concerns are overblown, others disagree.

Binance pushes out USDC in aggressive move to boost its own stablecoin

Top blockchain and crypto news: USDC gets the boot from Binance. MicroStrategy looks for Lightning strikes. STEPN heads to Hong Kong.

Binance halts USDC support; Inflation hits crypto

Binance puts it’s own stablecoin, BUSD, at the forefront. Meanwhile, inflation casts its own shadow across the crypto.

Binance move to remove USDC and others raise questions about market conduct

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange said the move was designed to “enhance liquidity and capital-efficiency for users.” 

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Tether says commercial paper holdings now less than US$50 mln

Terra Classic surges 50% as Binance offers token burning mechanism

India’s WazirX to delist USDC, apply auto convert to Binance’s stablecoin

Celsius seeks court approval to monetize stablecoin assets

Fed officials call for stablecoin regulations amid concerns over financial stability

Chinese central bank should issue RMB stablecoin for metaverse: academic

September 2022

Singapore’s MAS says needs to do better job explaining crypto policy

The city-state hosted a seminar with a title that it hopes sums up its crypto approach: “Yes to digital asset innovation, No to cryptocurrency speculation.”

Why crypto and DeFi are key to building wealth in times of high inflation

As wages stagnate and prices spiral, crypto offers investment and growth opportunities unmatched by the traditional financial system, writes Tarik Moon, CEO of Alpine.

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Chinese central bank should issue RMB stablecoin for metaverse: academic

Argentine province Mendoza to accept cryptocurrency as payment for taxes

Tether to release monthly USDT reserves report with new auditor BDO Italia

U.K. consortium to test stablecoin payments

Polkadot-based stablecoin Acala Dollar depegs after a breach

CBDCs better poised for cross-border payments than Bitcoin, stablecoins: ECB study

Waves community approves repayment plan for lending protocol Vires.Finance

BUSD reserves consist of 60.5% US Treasury bills, 4.21% cash