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June 2024

3iQ plans North America’s first Solana ETF

Canadian investment firm 3iQ is set to introduce the first Solana ETF in North America.

Fantom Foundation invests US$120 mln in Sonic blockchain

Fantom Foundation’s $120 million investment aims to expand the Sonic blockchain network, enhancing DeFi accessibility.

Standard Chartered enters crypto trading arena

British bank Standard Chartered launches a crypto trading desk for institutional clients, focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Consensys persists in SEC lawsuit for crypto clarity

Ethereum firm Consensys continues its legal battle with the SEC for clear crypto regulations, despite the regulator ending its Ethereum 2.0 probe.

Konami and Avalanche unveil Resella NFT platform.

Konami Digital Entertainment teams up with Avalanche to launch Resella, a platform enhancing NFT transactions and Web3 access.

Stablecoins poised to claim 10% of global economy by 2034, says Circle CEO

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire predicts a surge in stablecoin adoption, potentially reshaping finance.

Crypto investigator exposes Shkreli as DJT token creator

Blockchain detective ZachXBT identifies Martin Shkreli as DJT token creator, earning a US$150,000 reward from Arkham Intelligence.

Binance fined US$2.25 mln by India for AML breaches

India’s FIU imposes a record fine on Binance for anti-money laundering regulation non-compliance.

Hashdex aims for first dual Bitcoin-Ethereum ETF in the U.S.

Crypto asset manager Hashdex files for a pioneering Bitcoin-Ethereum ETF, targeting SEC approval.

Ethereum’s price soars as SEC probe concludes

Ethereum’s market value rises following SEC’s decision to end its investigation, boosting investor confidence.

TON blockchain’s TVL soars past US$600 mln, signaling growth

The Open Network (TON) has achieved a record Total Value Locked (TVL) of $608 million, indicating a thriving ecosystem and increased investor trust.

Australia’s first Bitcoin ETF to debut on ASX

VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF, launching on ASX, marks a pivotal moment for Australian crypto investment.

SEC crypto enforcement chief resigns, shuts down Pump.Fun rumors

David Hirsch, the SEC’s crypto unit leader, steps down amid heightened scrutiny on cryptocurrency regulation.

Ripple challenges SEC’s US$2 bln fine, cites Terraform precedent

Ripple Labs Inc. seeks a reduced fine from the SEC, arguing for a penalty similar to Terraform Labs’ settlement.

Helio expands Shopify plugin with Solana Pay for diverse crypto transactions

Helio’s latest update to its Shopify plugin via Solana Pay introduces a broader cryptocurrency acceptance and innovative merchant tools.

MicroStrategy to boost Bitcoin holdings further with US$500 mln bond sale

MicroStrategy announces a half billion dollar bond sale to fund additional Bitcoin acquisitions.

Telegram’s TON blockchain eclipses Ethereum in daily users

TON blockchain surpasses Ethereum in user activity, leveraging Telegram’s extensive user base for growth.

Terraform Labs to dissolve following US$4.47 billion settlement

Terraform Labs and ex-CEO Do Kwon to pay billions in SEC fraud settlement, marking one of the largest penalties in U.S. history.

Bitcoin price dips ahead of US inflation report and Fed’s decision on interest rates

Strong U.S. economic data has led to a decrease in Bitcoin value as markets brace for Fed’s decision on lending rates.

Ethereum Name Service tops NFT charts sales with over US$4.27 million

Ethereum Name Service tops daily NFT sales, followed by significant activity on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.

ZKsync to distribute billions of tokens airdrop

ZKsync airdrops 3.675 billion tokens to users, enhancing Ethereum’s Layer 2 governance.

South Korea classifies select NFTs as cryptocurrencies

New guidelines by South Korea’s FSC will regulate certain NFTs under cryptocurrency laws. to leave Base for own blockchain’s transition to a proprietary blockchain, Friendchain, prompts user concerns and market fluctuations.

The Sandbox raises US$20 mln, achieves unicorn status

The Sandbox secures funding to enhance its metaverse platform and support its creator economy.

Bitcoin falls below US$70,000 after US jobs data and ECB rate cut

Bitcoin falls as U.S. adds 272,000 jobs in May with unemployment rate rising to 4%.

Robinhood acquires Bitstamp in US$200 mln deal

Trading platform Robinhood Markets to expand its crypto services with Bitstamp acquisition.

Florida man admits to US$8.4 mln crypto fraud scheme

Florida resident Juan Tacuri pleads guilty to wire fraud, faces two decades behind bars.

SEC chair Gensler cautions crypto exchanges on enforcement

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler warns that crypto exchanges are still liable for enforcement actions despite making risk disclosures to investors.

Ethereum’s Buterin denounces celebrity memecoins, urges purposeful innovation

Ethereum’s Buterin criticizes superficial celebrity crypto trends, advocating for impactful, long-term projects.

Polygon’s Moon Girl NFTs top daily sales chart with over US$1.36 million

Moon Girl NFT collection tops daily sales to help Polygon beat Solana.

Historic Stradivarius violin backs US$9 mln NFT loan by Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital issues a multimillion-dollar loan with a tokenized 1708 Stradivarius as collateral.

Binance to limit certain stablecoins to comply with EU crypto rules

Binance to limit non-compliant stablecoins under EU’s MiCA regulation.

Dapper Labs settles NBA Top Shot NFT lawsuit for US$4 mln

Blockchain firm Dapper Labs resolves a legal dispute over NBA Top Shot NFTs with a $4 million settlement.

NodeMonkes leads NFT sales with over US$1 million in a day

NodeMonkes NFT collection tops daily sales, outperforming others on the market.

May NFT sales post worst performance since October

NFT sales slump in May as major blockchains have worst month of the year.

May 2024

Immutable’s Guild of Guardians knocks off NodeMonkes from top daily NFT sales spot

The NFT market sees a surge led by Guild of Guardians, with other collections showing significant daily changes.

NodeMonkes leads NFT sales for second time this week

NodeMonkes tops daily NFT market with almost US$1 million in sales.

SEC to reimburse US$1.8 mln after failed crypto lawsuit

Judge orders SEC to pay legal fees in dismissed DEBT Box case.

PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin lands on Solana

PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin is now available on Solana, promising faster and more cost-effective transactions.

Ripple adds US$25 mln for crypto-friendly PAC

Ripple’s $50 million contribution to Fairshake PAC aims to sway 2024 U.S. elections towards crypto-friendly candidates.

Game NFTs rank in the top 3 for daily sales; Fantasy Top leads with US$831K

The Fantasy Top collection outperformed others in daily NFT sales, signaling a robust market interest.

Bitcoin cracks US$70,000, Ethereum nears US$4,000; JENNER, PEPE and memecoins drive markets

Ethereum’s price surge signals market optimism and hints at growth potential.

JPMorgan questions SEC’s crypto ETF expansion plans: The Block

JPMorgan casts doubt on the likelihood of further SEC approvals for crypto ETFs after Ethereum ETF nod.

House passes bill to limit Fed’s CBDC authority

US House mandates congressional approval for Fed’s digital dollar issuance.

Game NFTs rise as Guild of Guardians Avatars, DMarket and Fantasy Top lead sales

Guild of Guardians avatars see a significant increase in daily sales, topping the NFT market.

Coinbase resumes XRP trading in New York

New York residents regain access to XRP on Coinbase

SEC approves Ether ETFs

SEC officially approves Spot Ethereum ETFs months after Bitcoin.

Fantasy Top rebounds above US$1 mln to lead daily NFT sales

NFT market sees Fantasy Top collection top daily sales, Ethereum blockchain dominates transactions.

Crypto engagement dropped to 7% among US adults in 2023, Fed finds

Fed survey shows a decline in US adult crypto usage to 7% in 2023, with only 1% using it for transactions.

House members urge SEC to approve Ethereum ETFs

Bipartisan lawmakers call on SEC for consistent crypto ETF standards as decision looms.

House passes crypto regulation bill, eyes Senate approval

US House greenlights major crypto bill, setting stage for Senate debate.

Tech giants team up against online dating scams

Major tech companies form a coalition to tackle the surge romance and crypto scams.

SEC’s Gensler criticizes crypto regulation bill ahead of vote

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has expressed strong opposition to the FIT21 Act, a bill set to regulate digital assets, citing concerns over investor protection.

Milady Maker leads daily NFT sales, CryptoPunks records 5 transactions despite backlash

Milady Maker tops daily NFT sales, Ethereum blockchain sees significant activity.

Fidelity adjusts Ethereum ETF plan, excludes staking rewards

Fidelity’s updated ETF filing drops staking options amid regulatory concerns, impacting the crypto investment landscape.

CryptoPunks face backlash while DMarket leads NFT sales

Ethereum’s NFT market sees a significant daily increase, outperforming other blockchains with a notable rise in sales volume.

Ethereum ETF approval likelihood increases with SEC’s positive signals

Ether’s value surges as analysts suspect SEC may be leaning to ETF approvals.

Alleged owner of Incognito drug market arrested

23-year-old Rui-Siang Lin could face life in prison for running a $100M dark web drug market

Grayscale Investments names Peter Mintzberg as CEO

One of the world’s largest digital currency asset management company has changed CEOs.

Fantasy Top leads daily NFT sales with US$1.8 million

NFT market sees Fantasy Top collection top daily sales, Ethereum blockchain dominates.

XRP Ledger doubles transactions in Q1 amid SEC case

XRP Ledger sees a 108% transaction surge in Q1 2024, despite SEC legal woes.

Hong Kong trials digital yuan for retail and cross-border payments

Hong Kong tests China’s digital yuan, enabling transactions and expanding its global use.

USDC issuer Circle plans US move ahead of IPO

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. is relocating its headquarters to the U.S. in preparation for a potential IPO.

Bitcoin rises as inflation eases

Bitcoin’s value climbs after April CPI data suggests a slowdown in inflation, potentially influencing Federal Reserve interest rate decisions.

Tornado Cash crypto mixer developer gets 64 months in prison

Dutch court convicts Tornado Cash creator for aiding in crypto crimes.

Coinbase outage hampers Bitcoin trading amid price swings

Crypto exchange Coinbase suffers a major outage, affecting traders during Bitcoin volatility.

PEPE hits record high as Gamestop meme trading returns

The value of PEPE cryptocurrency soars as Roaring Kitty returns to put GME back on the meme trading map.

Bitcoin Runes etching revenue plummets for miners

Runes etching on Bitcoin network drops drastically, affecting miners’ income.

DMarket tops NFT charts but loses three-day streak above US$900,000

DMarket tops daily NFT sales despite recording less sales than the previous day.

OKX launches crypto trading in Australia

Global crypto exchange OKX begins offering trading services in Australia, including spot and derivatives.

CryptoPunks leads daily NFT sales with over US$1.39 million

CryptoPunks tops daily NFT sales, Ethereum blockchain sees significant activity, and DMarket maintains strong buyer engagement.

NodeMonkes leads NFT sales with US$876K in a day, CryptoPunks drops off top 10

NodeMonkes snatches the top spot from CryptoPunks, ending a two-day streak of leading the market.