CryptoPunks topped CryptoSlam’s daily NFT chart on Tuesday with US$1.34 million in sales.

This surge in sales was driven by six unique buyers and sellers, with an average price of US$224,950 per NFT.

The collection’s performance pushed its all-time sales volume to US$2.85 billion, third in the industry behind Axie Infinity and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The second-ranking collection for the day was NodeMonkes, a Bitcoin collection that saw a total of US$881,042 in sales across 84 transactions, involving 72 unique buyers and 60 sellers.

This performance marks an increase from the previous day’s sales of US$428,913.

Coming in third, Bored Ape Yacht Club recorded sales of US$787,642 with 25 unique buyers matching the number of sellers. This figure represents a slight increase from the previous day’s total of US$474,204. The collection, also on the Ethereum blockchain, has been a consistent performer in the NFT space.

Other notable movements in the NFT market included Milady NFT on Polygon (not to be confused with Milady Maker on Ethereum), which experienced a dramatic rise in sales from just US$10.43 the previous day to US$650,064 on June 25.

Similarly, Sunny Girl, also on Polygon, saw its sales skyrocket to US$650,022 from a mere US$10.97, CryptoSlam’s records show.

Bitcoin Puppets generated US$630,740 in sales, while DMarket, with a vast owner base of 397,931, accumulated US$572,784 in sales.

Pudgy Penguins also made headlines with a daily total of US$497,713, and Gods Unchained Cards amassed US$465,640 in sales.

Ethereum-based Milady Maker, ranked eighth, saw a daily sales volume of US$402,683, with 36 unique buyers and 27 sellers participating in the transactions.

The Ethereum network, where Tuesday’s NFT leader CryptoPunks resides, led all blockchains in NFT sales on Tuesday with US$4.74 million.

Polygon blockchain trailed in second with US$3.92 million in sales, rising from the previous day’s US$2.76 million.