Konami Digital Entertainment has joined forces with Avalanche blockchain to launch Resella, a new platform aimed at streamlining non-fungible token (NFT) operations.

Launched Thursday, this collaboration is set to improve Web3 services and expand blockchain technology’s reach to a broader audience.

Resella, which facilitates transactions in Japanese yen, is initially focused on the Japanese market, with a vision to extend its services worldwide, simplifying blockchain entry for novices.

The partnership leverages Avalanche’s Subnet technology and Ava Labs’ AvaCloud service to ensure efficient, cost-free operations to position Resella as a competitive NFT marketplace.

Konami, a leading gaming industry player with popular titles such as Metal Gear and Silent Hill, is taking a step to merge traditional gaming with the Web3 space.

Resella aims to transform existing platforms and create new social interactions, like using game-based NFTs for event access or unlocking special content.

While the gaming industry is increasingly adopting Web3 technologies, with initiatives like Ronin’s new infrastructure, some companies, like GameStop, have retreated from NFT projects.