On-chain detective ZachXBT has been awarded US$150,000 by Arkham Intelligence for unmasking former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli as the creator of the DJT token.

The discovery follows intense speculation and a rise in the token’s value, which was rumored to be linked to former President Donald Trump.

This revelation raises potential legal concerns for Shkreli, who is currently on parole following a conviction for securities fraud.

The DJT token experienced a 300% increase in value amid unsubstantiated claims of its connection to Trump, prompting Arkham Intelligence to offer a bounty for the identification of its creator.

Arkham Intelligence said ZachXBT provided conclusive evidence, including a direct message from Shkreli acknowledging his role in the token’s creation alongside an individual referred to as “Barron,” which has led to speculation about the involvement of Trump’s son, Barron Trump, although no concrete evidence has been presented to support this claim.

Shkreli, notorious for his decision to raise the price of a critical medication by an exorbitant 5,000%, has been actively promoting the narrative that the DJT token is the official token of the Trump campaign.

His actions included a US$100 million bet with crypto trader GCR on the token’s legitimacy, which was subsequently retracted.

The drama escalated when Shkreli conducted a Twitter Space, claiming he was behind DJT and suggesting that Barron Trump controlled the private keys to the token’s smart contract address.

These claims by Shkreli have yet to be verified by Barron Trump or his representatives, and the Trump campaign has not commented on the matter.