The Open Network (TON) total value locked achieved a new milestone of US$600 million on Monday, demonstrating a 130% growth in a month.

The network had US$612 million worth of assets locked, as of noon, E.T., according to DeFiLlama data.

TON’s TVL growth is indicative of a broader trend of capital inflow into the blockchain ecosystem that has been observed since March.

Protocols operating on TON, such as the liquid staking protocol Tonstakers, have also experienced notable growth, with a 3% increase in TVL within a week.

But the meat of the network’s appeal is coming from the success of its mini apps.

Notcoin, a game where users can accumulate points by repeatedly tapping their mobile devices, reportedly garnered over 35 million users.

Meanwhile, Hamster Kombat, a clicker and crypto exchange management game, recently announced that it topped 150 million users.

Players hope that the games will reward them with cryptocurrencies on the TON blockchain.