Fantasy Top surged to the top of CryptoSlam’s non-fungible token (NFT) leaderboard, generating over US$831,530 in daily sales on Tuesday.

The previous day’s sales for Fantasy Top stood at US$362,773.

Fantasy Top is a collection on Blast, an Ethereum layer-2 by Pacman, the founder of the Blur NFT marketplace. The project is a trading card game based on crypto influencers on social media.

Tuesday’s top sellers were all connected to NFT games, with the second-highest performing collection being DMarket, a Mythos-based collection for in-game NFT items of popular online games.

Its sales reached US$705,194, a slight increase from the previous day’s US$651,908.

Immutable’s Guild of Guardians Avatars claimed the third spot in daily sales, amassing US$696,862.77, a slight decrease from US$708,325.

Bitcoin’s NodeMonkes dropped to the fourth spot after leading sales on Monday. Its daily sales decreased from US$958,911. to US$677,582.

NodeMonkes, the top Bitcoin collection, has now flipped Avalanche-based Cabrada to become the 26th best-selling collection ever with more than US$228 million in sales.

Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club, which experienced an increase from US$357,326 to US$631,803 came in at the fifth spot.

Collections such as DogeZuki and MiniGirl Homes also demonstrated significant activities at the fifth and sixth spots. Gods Unchained Cards, CryptoPunks, and Pudgy Penguins rounded out the day’s top 10 list.

The data-driven insights provided by CryptoSlam offer a transparent view of the NFT market’s daily ebbs and flows, allowing collectors, investors, and enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest trends and shifts in this burgeoning digital asset class.

While it didn’t have a top-three collection on Tuesday, Ethereum led the blockchain market with a total sales volume of US$5.06 million, a slight decrease from the US$5.68 million recorded the previous day.