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May 2024

CryptoPunks face backlash while DMarket leads NFT sales

Ethereum’s NFT market sees a significant daily increase, outperforming other blockchains with a notable rise in sales volume.

Ethereum ETF approval likelihood increases with SEC’s positive signals

Ether’s value surges as analysts suspect SEC may be leaning to ETF approvals.

Alleged owner of Incognito drug market arrested

23-year-old Rui-Siang Lin could face life in prison for running a $100M dark web drug market

Grayscale Investments names Peter Mintzberg as CEO

One of the world’s largest digital currency asset management company has changed CEOs.

Fantasy Top leads daily NFT sales with US$1.8 million

NFT market sees Fantasy Top collection top daily sales, Ethereum blockchain dominates.

XRP Ledger doubles transactions in Q1 amid SEC case

XRP Ledger sees a 108% transaction surge in Q1 2024, despite SEC legal woes.

Hong Kong trials digital yuan for retail and cross-border payments

Hong Kong tests China’s digital yuan, enabling transactions and expanding its global use.

USDC issuer Circle plans US move ahead of IPO

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. is relocating its headquarters to the U.S. in preparation for a potential IPO.

Bitcoin rises as inflation eases

Bitcoin’s value climbs after April CPI data suggests a slowdown in inflation, potentially influencing Federal Reserve interest rate decisions.

Tornado Cash crypto mixer developer gets 64 months in prison

Dutch court convicts Tornado Cash creator for aiding in crypto crimes.

Coinbase outage hampers Bitcoin trading amid price swings

Crypto exchange Coinbase suffers a major outage, affecting traders during Bitcoin volatility.

PEPE hits record high as Gamestop meme trading returns

The value of PEPE cryptocurrency soars as Roaring Kitty returns to put GME back on the meme trading map.

Bitcoin Runes etching revenue plummets for miners

Runes etching on Bitcoin network drops drastically, affecting miners’ income.

DMarket tops NFT charts but loses three-day streak above US$900,000

DMarket tops daily NFT sales despite recording less sales than the previous day.

OKX launches crypto trading in Australia

Global crypto exchange OKX begins offering trading services in Australia, including spot and derivatives.

CryptoPunks leads daily NFT sales with over US$1.39 million

CryptoPunks tops daily NFT sales, Ethereum blockchain sees significant activity, and DMarket maintains strong buyer engagement.

NodeMonkes leads NFT sales with US$876K in a day, CryptoPunks drops off top 10

NodeMonkes snatches the top spot from CryptoPunks, ending a two-day streak of leading the market.

CryptoPunks leads NFT sales for the second straight day

The iconic CryptoPunks collection tops daily NFT sales, but this isn’t enough to keep Ethereum above Bitcoin.

Chainalysis sets up Dubai HQ, bolsters UAE’s crypto ambitions

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has launched its regional headquarters in Dubai, advancing the UAE’s goal to be a top cryptocurrency hub.

FTX outlines plan to repay creditors in full with interest

FTX Trading Ltd. proposes a strategy to settle over US$14 billion in debts, aiming to fully compensate creditors.

CryptoPunks, BAYC lead NFT daily sales, put Ethereum on top

CryptoPunks collection outperformed other NFTs in daily sales, as Ethereum led all blockchains.

DMarket opens week as top NFT in daily sales

DMarket tops daily NFT sales with over US$842,000.

Binance CEO calls for release of executives detained in Nigeria

Binance CEO demands freedom for compliance officer held on illegal transaction charges in Nigeria.

Robinhood to challenge SEC’s notice over crypto operations

Robinhood’s digital assets division becomes the SEC’s latest legal opponent.

Crypto investment hits US$1.02 bln in April

April’s crypto funding surge reflects investor confidence, with $1.02 billion invested in blockchain ventures.

Bitcoin network surpasses 1 billion transactions

Bitcoin marks a historic achievement with over one billion transactions since 2009.

US job growth slows as Bitcoin price soars past $62,000

April sees a slight rise in US unemployment to 3.9% as Bitcoin’s value rebounds.

NodeMonkes becomes all-time Bitcoin NFT leader, tops daily sales with US$1.62 million

NodeMonkes tops the daily NFT market with significant sales, outperforming other collections.

Tether nets US$4.52 bln Q1 profit from investments

Stablecoin leader Tether’s Q1 earnings soar to $4.52 billion, buoyed by US Treasury and Bitcoin.

Ethereum tops daily NFT sales at US$7 mln, ends weakest month of 2024

April was the worst month for NFT sales in 2024 so far, but it’s still up 56% year-over-year.

MicroStrategy unveils Bitcoin digital ID solution

MicroStrategy launches a new Bitcoin-based digital identity platform to enhance online security and trust.

Bitcoin slides, Fed keeps interest rates steady

Bitcoin dropped to as low as US$56,600 as Fed holds interest rates.

Azuki NFT sales soar to over US$1.1 million in a day

Azuki leads with a significant sales spike, outperforming other NFT collections in daily transactions.

Bitcoin ‘Jesus’ arrested for US$50 mln tax fraud

Cryptocurrency figure Roger Ver faces extradition to the U.S. on tax evasion and fraud charges.

Binance ex-CEO Changpeng Zhao sentenced for money laundering

Changpeng Zhao receives a 4-month prison term and a $50 million fine for laundering violations.

April 2024

North Korean hackers laundered US$200 mln in stolen crypto, says blockchain sleuth

Lazarus Group’s crypto laundering operation exposed by on-chain investigator.

Crypto wallets exit US amid regulatory pressure

Wasabi and Phoenix wallets halt US services due to increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Samourai Wallet co-founder posts US$1 mln bond in laundering case

Keonne Rodriguez, co-founder of Samourai Wallet, was released on bond after denying money laundering charges.

Hong Kong debuts Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

Hong Kong’s first spot Bitcoin ETFs rise on first trading day as Ether ETFs drop.

SEC has been investigating Ether’s security status since 2018: report

Consensys lawsuit unveils SEC’s internal suspicion of Ethereum as a security, challenging prior CFTC commodity designation.

Australia set to debut spot Bitcoin ETFs: report

Australia’s financial sector is on the verge of launching spot Bitcoin ETF.

Stripe reopens crypto payments with USDC focus

Stripe reenters the crypto market, enabling stablecoin transactions for merchants.

CryptoPunks leads NFT sales with over US$12 million

The iconic CryptoPunks collection outperformed others in daily NFT sales.

Ethereum tops NFT market, ends 20-day sales slump under US$10 mln

Ethereum tops daily NFT market with significant sales, outperforming Bitcoin and Solana.

Consensys files lawsuit against SEC over Ethereum status

Software firm Consensys seeks court ruling to stop SEC from classifying Ethereum as a security.

SEC expected to deny Ethereum ETFs: Reuters

The SEC signals a cautious crypto stance, likely rejecting Ethereum ETFs and delaying Bitcoin ETF options.

Samourai Wallet founders arrested for laundering US$100 mln

Samourai Wallet creators face money laundering and illegal business operation charges.

NodeMonkes leads NFT sales with over US$1 million in a day

NodeMonkes NFT collection tops daily sales, with significant transactions and unique buyers contributing to its all-time high volume.

Ethereum leads with over US$7 mln in daily NFT sales

Ethereum tops daily NFT market with significant sales volume and transaction count, outperforming Bitcoin and Solana.

Hong Kong to debut Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on April 30

City’s first spot cryptocurrency ETFs to offer regulated investment options.

Ex-Binance CEO faces 3-years prison and millions in fines

Changpeng Zhao, the former CEO of Binance, may receive a 3-year sentence and $50M fine for anti-money laundering violations.

SEC postpones Ethereum ETF decisions

The SEC extends review of Ethereum ETFs and requests public comments on BlackRock’s proposal, casting uncertainty on May approvals.

NYSE considers 24/7 trading to match crypto markets

The New York Stock Exchange may introduce continuous trading, reflecting the 24-hour nature of cryptocurrency markets and evolving investor demands.

Ripple contests SEC’s US$2 bln fine, suggests US$10 mln

Ripple challenges SEC’s penalty, arguing for a reduced $10 million fine in a legal dispute.

Crypto funds worth millions unclaimed in bridges

Arkham Intelligence reveals unclaimed crypto, including Ethereum co-founder’s assets, in bridge contracts.

Shiba Inu raises US$12 mln for blockchain expansion

Crypto venture capitalists back Shiba Inu’s new blockchain project with a $12 million investment.

Tether Launches on TON Blockchain with USDT, XAUT

Stablecoin issuer Tether has expanded to The Open Network with its USDT and gold-backed XAUT tokens, aiming to enhance liquidity.

Bitcoin miner earnings soar on halving day due to Runes

Bitcoin miners experienced a revenue spike following the introduction of the Runes protocol, although transaction fees have since decreased.

Tether expands into new sectors amid regulatory watch

Tether diversifies into data, finance, power, and education sectors, aiming for innovation and empowerment.

Bitcoin halving event looms, market volatility spikes

Upcoming Bitcoin halving triggers market uncertainty.

Binance converts US$1 bln fund; eyes India comeback after obtaining Dubai license

Cryptocurrency giant Binance converts $1B safety fund to USDC, signaling a strategic move to enhance transparency and re-enter the Indian market.

EY debuts blockchain tool for private contracts

Ernst & Young launches a blockchain service to improve contract management for private companies, aiming for enhanced privacy and efficiency.

US senators unveil stablecoin regulation bill

New legislation aims to enhance financial stability by imposing strict rules on stablecoin issuers.

PayPal ends NFT purchase protections

PayPal to exclude NFTs from protection programs starting May 20, impacting buyers and sellers.

Telegram’s Durov advocates for crypto-like privacy tools

Pavel Durov proposes secure communication tech to combat surveillance.

OKX debuts Ethereum L2 network X Layer

OKX’s X Layer promises faster, cheaper Ethereum transactions with enhanced security.

Adidas and STEPN unveil NFT sneaker collaboration

adidas and Web3 app STEPN release a limited NFT sneaker series, merging virtual and physical fitness.

Hong Kong approves spot Bitcoin ETF

City’s inaugural Bitcoin ETF approval spurs price surge, signaling crypto investment growth.

Bitcoin, crypto market tumbles as Iran-Israel tensions escalate

Middle East conflict triggers a sharp decline in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with significant market liquidations.

FTX’s Bankman-Fried appeals 25-year sentence

Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried challenges his prison term and seeks New York confinement during the appeal.

PUPS BRC-20 NFTs pump with over US$8 mln in sales

Memecoin mania on Bitcoin? PUPS leads Thursday’s sales.

BlackRock fund introduces USDC transfers

BlackRock’s BUIDL fund now allows share conversion to stablecoin USDC for enhanced liquidity.