Ethereum topped Thursday’s non-fungible token (NFT) market with over US$23 million in sales, CryptoSlam data shows.

Over half of those sales came from CryptoPunks 635, which was sold for US$12.4 million at Larva Labs marketplace.

Ethereum saw a total of 16,363 transactions conducted by 1,770 unique buyers and 1,354 unique sellers.

Ethereum ended a 20-day streak of daily sales below US$10 million.

This daily performance contributes to Ethereum’s all-time sales volume, which now stands at approximately US$43.64 billion from nearly 47.56 million transactions.

Bitcoin and Solana followed, with daily sales reaching US$6.67 million and US$3.72 million, respectively.

This marks the fourth consecutive day Bitcoin collections failed to crack US$10 million.

But Bitcoin is creeping closer to the US$3.5 billion milestone for all-time sales. Following Thursday’s sales, the network has a cumulative sales record of US$3.43 billion.

It became the fourth blockchain to reach US$3 billion late last month and is now about US$800 million from Ronin, which holds the third spot in all-time sales volume.

Solana, with its higher number of unique buyers at 10,862 and sellers at 10,221, led to a market-leading larger number of transactions totaling 65,373 for the day.

Solana is also closing in on a milestone of its own as its all-time figure stands at US$5.45 billion.

Polygon and Mythos Chain also reported notable daily sales, with Polygon reaching US$2.32 million from 65,536 transactions and Mythos Chain recording sales of US$937,934.75 across 37,828 transactions.

Polygon ranks fifth in all-time sales with over US$1.5 billion.