Ethereum led Wednesday’s non-fungible tokens (NFT) market with a daily sales volume of over US$7.13 million, according to data from CryptoSlam.

Despite recording the highest sales volume for the day, the leading NFT blockchain hasn’t topped US$10 million since April 4.

Following Ethereum, Bitcoin followed closely behind in the second spot for daily NFT sales, just under US$7.13 million.

Bitcoin had its third consecutive day under US$10 million despite NodeMonkes, a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT, leading Wednesday’s collection rankings.

Solana took the third spot in daily NFT sales, posting a daily sales volume of over US$5.08 million, driven by a higher number of unique buyers at 29,292 and unique sellers at 23,251, resulting in an impressive 108,427 transactions. These numbers are higher than the combined daily total of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Other blockchains such as Polygon and Mythos Chain also reported notable daily activities. Polygon saw sales of over US$1.78 million with 20,992 unique buyers and 7,691 unique sellers, while Mythos Chain had sales amounting to US$850,851 with a robust transaction count of 34,303.