DMarket topped the non-fungible token (NFT) collection ranking on Monday with US$835,028 in daily sales.

Despite leading the daily sales chart, Monday’s sales total snapped a three-day streak of at least US$900,000 in daily sales for DMarket.

DMarket collection represents in-game items for popular games such as Counter-Strike 2 on the Mythos network.

The collection witnessed an increase in unique buyers to 4,034 and sellers to 3,546, resulting in a total of 33,375 transactions for the day.

This surge in daily activity has boosted DMarket’s all-time sales volume to US$427.86 million.

While a Mythos-based project led the collections charts, the leading blockchain of the day was Bitcoin, which saw a sales volume of US$6.20 million, marking a 22% increase from the previous day’s US$5.08 million.

Bitcoin is now about US$150 million away from joining the US$4 billion club for NFT sales, and about US$400 million from catching up to Ronin, the network with the third-highest volume of all-time NFT sales.

The second and third best seller of the day came from Bitcoin.

The second-ranking collection for the day was $CORE BRC-20 NFTs. It recorded sales of US$701,305, with 251 unique buyers and 184 sellers completing 402 transactions.

The third-ranking collection, NodeMonkes, saw daily sales of US$568,487 with 27 unique buyers and 29 sellers across 32 transactions.

NodeMonkes, became the all-time sales leader among Bitcoin collections earlier this month, has been surging up the chart.

It recently took the 26th spot from CyberKongz and sits about US$8 million away from Crabada, the leading collection in the Avalanche network.

Other collections in Monday’s top 10 include Guild of Guardians Avatars and Solana Monkey Business, ranking fourth and fifth respectively.

Guild of Guardians Avatars, on the Immutable network, maintained a steady performance with sales of US$535,487 and 104 transactions.

Solana Monkey Business, on the Solana blockchain as its name suggests, recorded sales of US$472,811 with 66 unique buyers and 63 sellers.

CryptoPunks, the third ranked collection in all-time sales, came in sixth on Monday with sales of US$352,169, despite a tanking from the previous day’s US$1.39 million.

The Captainz followed closely, ranking seventh with sales of US$345,272, rising from the previous day’s US$128,095.

The eighth position was held by Solana’s DogeZuki with sales of US$298,479, and Ethereum’s Kanpai Pandas took the ninth spot with US$288,501 in sales.

The tenth-ranking collection was $BNB+ BRC-20 NFTs with sales of US$219,763.