Ethereum closed Wednesday’s non-fungible token (NFT) sales as the top blockchain in the market, with US$6.87 million, CrptoSlam data shows.

The platform witnessed a slight decrease in total transactions to 14,840, compared to 14,987 the previous day, yet it maintained a high level of activity with 4,229 unique buyers and 3,304 unique sellers.

Ethereum closed its worst monthly NFT performance since October 2023.

In April, Ethereum recorded US$241 million in sales, which is more than half of the US$489 million it had in March, according to CryptoSlam data.

Bitcoin was Wednesday’s second-ranked position for NFT sales. Its gap from Ethereum wasn’t large, however, as Bitcoin recorded US$6.74 million in daily sales.

Bitcoin had a better month than Ethereum in April with more than US$602 million in sales to lead the market, but down from US$625 million in March.

Bitcoin collection sales were boosted by its halving event on April 20, which coincided with the launch of Runes, a new fungible token protocol for the world’s first blockchain network.

Solana came in third on Wednesday with US$2.54 million.

Solana also failed to improve from its March performance of US$249 million, dropping to US$153.5 million in monthly sales.

Overall, NFT sales volume in April dropped to US$1.15 billion from US$1.53 billion in March. April had the lowest NFT sales in 2024 so far but still managed to record an increase of around 56% year-over-year.