NodeMonkes surged to the top of the non-fungible token (NFT) market, recording over US$1.05 million in sales on Thursday, CryptoSlam data shows.

The market-leading sales volume pushed NodeMonkes’ all-time sales volume to US$205.01 million, making it the 30th largest NFT collection.

It is also sitting at second all-time in total sales volume for a Bitcoin-based collection.

The second-highest performing collection of the day was Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a blue-chip NFT collection from Yuga Labs, with sales reaching US$1.02 million.

The monkey-themed collection’s all-time sales volume now stands at a staggering US$3.13 billion, the second-most in the industry.

With Wednesday’s sales total, which experienced a surge in tandem with its third birthday the day before, BAYC snapped an eight-day streak of under US$1 million.

BAYC and NodeMonkes were the only collections to have at least US$1 million in sales on Wednesday as global NFT sales dropped 1.1% from the previous day to US$24.4 million.

DMarket, which represents in-game items for the Mythos ecosystem, claimed the third spot in daily rankings, with sales totaling US$841,305 from 33,506 transactions.

This high volume of trades involved 4,305 unique buyers and 3,957 sellers.

DMarket’s all-time sales have now reached US$411.21 million, 16th all-time and around US$55 million away from Bored Ape Kennel Club, a BAYC-linked project.

Other notable collections include $PUPS BRC-20 NFTs and Mad Lads, which also experienced substantial daily sales.

Bitcoin’s $PUPS BRC-20 NFTs recorded sales of US$730,112.21 with 68 transactions, while Mad Lads posted sales of US$768,411.76 from 53 transactions.

Collections such as Dokyo and $WZRD BRC-20 NFTs also made their mark, with Dokyo generating US$680,417.15 in sales and $WZRD BRC-20 NFTs close behind at US$740,346.69.

WZRD has cooled down mid-week, after topping the collections around the halving date.

On April 19, it recorded over US$8 million in total sales, driven by surges in Bitcoin-based collections, coinciding with excitement surrounding the successful Runes launch and the halving of a new fungible token protocol.