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Wash trading in NFT marketplace LooksRare can inflate prices: analysts

While sales volumes on NFT marketplaces thrive, new data show much of this comes from manipulating sales — painting the whole industry in a different light.

NFTs and music: Is the fan outcry over NFTs’ environmental impact warranted? | Part 4

K-pop fans are waging online campaigns against their favorite artists over NFTs, denouncing the technology’s carbon footprint. How polluting are NFTs?

Why Asia is poised to be the next big market for an NFT boom

Global NFT sales are exploding in 2022, but experts predict this is only the beginning of a bigger surge in Asia.

Hyundai Card VP says crypto passing tulip stage; Asia’s NFT shift

South Korean company Hyundai Card’s VP says crypto passing through the “tulip stage”, meanwhile NFT is shifting towards Asia.

Palau plans to issue stablecoin; China rolling out NFT infrastructure

China’s Blockchain Services Network rolling out NFT infrastructure, while Palau plans to issue stablecoin.

Upstart NFT marketplace LooksRare challenges OpenSea’s dominance

The NFT platform crosses $1B in sales volume within a week after launch, but with a controversial incentive structure and so-called ‘vampire’ attack.

Indian crypto scam investigated; Kakao’s webtoon NFTs sell out

Indian crypto scam investigated meanwhile Korea’s Kakao’s webtoon NFTs sell out

NFTs may be the next killer app for video games, but some traditional players object

Developers adopt NFT technology to promote staple video game franchises, but reaction from a number of gamers has been negative.

LG to follow Samsung adding NFT features to flagship TVs

The ability to display, buy and even mint NFTs is seeping into mainstream products from South Korea’s largest corporations.

Bored Ape NFT frenzy; Play-to-earn sustainability questioned

China’s e-CNY pilot app is ready for download as Bored Apes headline NFT frenzy.

Bitcoin, Ethereum price level sluggish while NFT sales volume surges

The crypto market leaders are trading sideways so far in the new year. But NFT trading volume has exploded, with strong Q1 performance expected.

‘Everything will be an NFT next year,’ says Circle chief of product

Rachel Mayers sees corporate and institutional interest in crypto and blockchain create an explosion in use cases and a whole new way of demonstrating consumer loyalty.

Top 5 NFT trends to watch in 2022

NFTs are finding novel uses across many sectors, from fashion to real estate. What industries stand to benefit most from this technology in the year ahead?

DapperLabs’ NFL Moments will bring a new audience to NFTs

The years of investment and development in NFTs and the metaverse will bear fruit in 2022, according to Cryptoslam CEO Randy Wasinger.

What Sam Bankman-Fried thinks will happen with NFTs and crypto exchanges in 2022

Which blockchain sector will flourish, and what’s not yet ripe for mass adoption just yet? FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried offers his crystal ball in a special Forkast.News video.

Running on empty: How NFT drops drive up gas fees — and transaction anxiety

Gas fee unpredictability is a highly problematic aspect of the Ethereum ecosystem, writes Matt Cutler of Blocknative. What are the solutions?

Astro Boy NFTs sell out; Virtual land market heats up

Astro Boy NFTs sell out within the hour. Also, Virtual land market heats up in the metaverse

Tough measures in India’s crypto bill; NFTs a hot Christmas gift

Tough measures in India’s crypto bill meanwhile, NFTs are becoming a hot Christmas gift

OpenSea’s Wall Street waltz disappoints NFT devotees

OpenSea IPO plans in choppy waters. Crypto markets crumble. Bitcoin mining power struggles.

Bitcoin crash drags down South Korean NFT game stocks

South Korean game shares fell sharply, just a few weeks after announcements of new NFT metaverse ventures sent the shares up.

NFT privacy concerns; AussieMates raises mental health awareness

NFT privacy concerns meanwhile AussieMates raises mental health awareness

K-pop agency Cube bets big on NFT and metaverse

The impresario behind superstars BTOB and (G)I-DLE tells Forkast.News there’s ‘no upper limit’ to how much Cube will invest in NFTs and a metaverse for concerts.

Omicron hits markets; Japanese novel released as NFT

Omicron hits markets meanwhile Japanese novel released as NFT

How Asia’s generative NFT art is reshaping the global creative culture

As the NFT zeitgeist sweeps the world, the industry’s beating heart is in Asia, writes David Tng of TZ APAC. Here’s how Asia’s NFTs are changing business models.

Hedge fund rockstar sets the stage for the next NFT wave

The digital print of the U.S. Constitution grew an estimated 35% in value by the time Ken Griffin made the winning bid, surely ushering in more NFT interest.

Korea stands firm on NFT games; Laos introduces crypto regulations

Korea stands firm on NFT games, meanwhile Laos introduces crypto regulations

Popular NFT games made in South Korea, and banned in South Korea

Despite the global boom of play-to-earn games, South Korea will still ban blockchain-based video games that reward cashable NFTs.

How a 12-year-old boy developed an NFT voting platform for the Philippines

Blockchain-powered lets users ‘vote’ on NFTs depicting presidential candidates in the Philippines. Can the underlying technology be trusted?

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Fan tokens enjoy weekly sales surge while NFTs slump

UN approves NFT standards proposed by Tencent, Ant Group: report

3D NFT marketplace coming to Polygon via Smart MFG

Exchange to drop NFTs for each S.Korean medal at Beijing Olympics

China state-backed paper’s NFTs surge in price on second-hand market

Binance, BLACKPINK’s K-pop agency to develop NFTs, other projects

Number of unique NFT buyers soars to all-time high in January

$10M in NFT money laundering, fraud likely to grow in 2022: report

Another NFT marketplace launches ‘vampire attack’ against OpenSea

People’s Daily online launches NFT gallery

China’s BSN names eight partners for its non-crypto NFT platform

OpenSea NFT marketplace hacked for 332 ETH

Facebook, Instagram explore NFT integration, marketplace: report

S. Korean lawmaker takes Bitcoin donations, issues receipts in NFTs

China to launch own NFT infrastructure by end Jan, BSN confirms

Webtoon Solo Leveling NFTs sell out quickly after S.Korea launch

New NFT marketplace challenges OpenSea’s dominance

Aussie tennis star rides NFT wave as Australian Open looms

Taiwan icon Jay Chou’s PhantaBear NFT dethrones Bored Ape Yacht Club

Sonic creator Sega may shelve NFT project if fan backlash continues

CryptoPunk NFT sells for $820K, reflecting Chinese investor interest

Hackers infiltrate Monkey Kingdom NFT community, steal US$1.3M

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa issues NFT from space

Matrix Resurrections NFTs reward moviegoers who reserve tickets in South Korea

Tezuka Osamu’s Astro Boy NFTs auctioned on OpenSea

Twitch co-founder is building a marketplace for gaming NFTs

PlayNFT plug-in to enable streamers to offer NFTs on Twitch

Singapore-based NFT market Brytehall to auction physical artwork of a bicycle

Gaming giant Ubisoft launches in-game NFTs on Tezos

Bored Ape Yacht Club artist exhibits new NFT collection at Art Basel Miami

First NFT exchange-traded fund falls in NYSE debut

‘The Irishman’ producer Niels Juul hopes to make film fully funded by NFTs

AussieMates NFT project launches for mental health awareness

Scottish whisky brand The Dalmore to offer limited-edition liquor NFT

Living ‘Eco-NFTs’ and holograms on display at Art Basel Miami Beach

NFTs on China’s BSN migrate to OpenSea to tap global market

AMC, Sony to release Spider-Man NFTs ahead of upcoming film

Japanese sci-fi novel’s English translations exclusively NFTs

South Korea’s Upbit launches NFT trading platform; FNC launches K-pop digital collectibles

Hong Kong’s SCMP plans first batch of NFTs documenting history

South Korea financial authority now says NFTs can be taxed

Martha Stewart releases Thanksgiving-themed NFTs

Alibaba: 180-day wait for NFT buyers to resell to prevent hype

Miramax files lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino over Pulp Fiction NFTs