South Korean star dancer NO:ZE unveiled Dance with NO:ZE on Friday, a non-fungible token (NFT) project that sets out to safeguard intellectual properties of choreographers with blockchain technology.

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Fast facts

  • “The choreographies created so far have not been copyrighted,” NO:ZE said in her video announcement. “With NFT technology, dance choreographies can be properly recognized as intellectual properties, and [NFT] holders can earn profits.”
  • NO:ZE rose to superstardom in South Korea after appearing on Street Woman Fighter, a dance survival television program centered around eight female dance groups.
  • Dance with NO:ZE will issue 10,000 profile pictures (PFP) using NO:ZE’s real-life pictures and three sets of NO:ZE’s original choreography as NFTs.
  • Each NFT is priced at 500,000 Korean won, or around US$385, and will be airdropped to the Kaikas wallet on the Klaytn blockchain, according to the project website.

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