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CryptoKitties: The original NFT cat craze | NFT Moments in History Ep. 01

Forkast x CryptoSlam! is proud to present Moments in NFT History — a new video series hosted by Forkast’s Joel Flynn, that gives you a front row seat of history-in-the-making.

In Episode One, we take you back in recent times. Not only were CryptoKitties cute and unique, but their rise to fame foreshadowed the budding NFT craze to come. Learn more about this integral moment in NFT history, as culture and crypto collide. 

Watch and learn, and you might understand better the power of NFTs as we know them today.

What you will learn:

  • How CryptoKitties started the NFT craze.
  • What’s its significance in the history of NFTs.
  • How it impacted public perception of blockchain.
  • Why people don’t talk about CryptoKitties anymore.