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Max Thake

Max Thake is a co-founder of peaq, a Web3 network powering the Economy of Things, and EoT Labs, a software development and incubation organization supporting open-source projects focused on the Economy of Things. Max is also a Fellow at the Sigma Squared Society, a global community of founders under age 26. Previously, he founded the PostScript Project, a nonprofit open-source initiative to use blockchain technology to protect investigative journalists.

August 2023

Welcome to 2030: I own everything, and life’s actually pretty good

Here’s a look at a future where Web3 technology will allow us to have ownership stakes in all things and avoid a subscription-based consumerist hellscape.

May 2022

How NFTs can allow everyone to benefit from robots and automation

What are ‘machine NFTs’ and how could they help democratize the ownership of capital in a future ‘machine economy’? Max Thake of peaq explains.