The Tezos blockchain showcased the evolving relationship between art, technology and culture at a three-day interactive exhibition, The Ever-Evolving World of Art, at Art Basel, Hong Kong, which ended Sunday. 

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Fast facts

  • The event featured NFT works from 22 international digital artists, with a strong focus on Asian artists producing generative art, including renowned Filipino painter and interdisciplinary artist Bjorn Calleja.
  • The exhibition also featured artist Qingnan Tan, or “Random Combo,” a Chinese artist and computational physicist applying math, coding, and modeling to traditional art forms to create NFT pieces.
  • Generative art is a digital art form where the end product is generated randomly through means of autonomous machines, algorithms or artificial intelligence.
  • “NFTs are definitely a big part of the art world, we look at it as the next frontier of contemporary art,” said TZ APAC head of digital marketing and communications Jivan Tulsiani.

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