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Anndy Lian

Anndy Lian is the chief digital advisor for the Mongolian Productivity Organization. He is also a Singapore-based partner and fund manager for Passion Venture Capital Pte. Ltd., where he oversees blockchain investments. He previously served as chairman of BigONE Exchange, a crypto trading platform registered in the Netherlands, and a founding member of Influxo, an NFT studio and marketplace. He is the author of the books “NFT: From Zero to Hero” and “Blockchain Revolution 2030.”

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October 2022

The scourge of NFT wash trading — and how not to get suckered in

What are the different kinds of NFT wash trading, and what are the red flags that a prospective investor should look for? Anndy Lian explains.

May 2022

Are we heading for a post-Terra crypto winter?

Terra’s LUNA and UST implosion is dragging down an already ailing market. What do other developments suggest about crypto’s long-term future?

What’s the solution to Terra’s UST and LUNA crisis?

Terra’s LUNA and UST stablecoin implosions are roiling the crypto world and beyond. Picking up the pieces won’t be easy — nor finding a good path forward.

How Yuga Labs’ NFT sale failed to put its community first

The ‘virtual land’ sale that broke Ethereum was also a fiasco for buyers. Should Yuga Labs have seen it coming and taken preventative action?

January 2022

Where does Singapore’s crypto policy go from here?

Despite Singapore’s reputation as a crypto-friendly hub, the truth is more complicated. Is the city-state purposely keeping out small companies?

September 2021

Why DeFi holds the key to metaverse success

A profound shift is underway in online culture, writes Anndy Lian of BigOne Exchange. Here’s how decentralized finance might one day power the NFT and metaverse economy.