The “social” humanoid developed by the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics released her non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Baby Singularities, on OpenSea on Wednesday, according to a statement on her verified Twitter handle. 

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Fast facts

  • Sophia, who gained fame for being the world’s first robot to gain citizenship and for appearances on the Tonight Show and Good Morning Britain, collaborated with artist Percy Lau on the project. 
  • The NFT collection consists of Nine Baby Sophia heads with a floor price of US$1,935.60 (0.09ETH), each designed to reveal a prediction of the far future. 
  • Sophia’s previous NFT collaborations have already sold for millions in total, and buyers of these Baby Singularities NFTs will be granted premium access to Sophia’s AI and metaverse.
  • Sophia’s metaverse (SAOS) will start as an NFT-based gameplay environment and marketplace based on a cinematic sci-fi story scape, which explores the year 2042, when machines begin to “awaken.”

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