Tencent on Monday said it started testing non-fungible token (NFT) profile picture (PFP) avatars and the “virtual room” Music Zone on its QQ Music app.

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Fast facts

  • These NFT PFP avatars are two-dimensional cartoon characters based on Tencent’s blockchain, Zhixin Chain.
  • QQ Music will also launch the virtual room function “Music Zone,” where users can invite friends’ avatars to be guests in the room and listen to music together.
  • Android phone users could already try the PFP NFT function and the virtual room as of Monday, ahead of official sales starting Wednesday morning, a post from Tencent’s official QQ music account said. 
  • The price of each PFP is set at 0.88 yuan (US$ 0.13) and limited to 40,000 versions.

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