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How NFTs can allow everyone to benefit from robots and automation

What are ‘machine NFTs’ and how could they help democratize the ownership of capital in a future ‘machine economy’? Max Thake of peaq explains.

Okay Bears NFTs record sellout helps Solana net US$2B in sales

A record sellout of Okay Bears NFTs helped Solana emerge as a viable alternative to Ethereum, the preferred platform for most NFTs.

‘Voice of April’ NFTs highlight Shanghai’s struggles amid harsh lockdown

As many as 600 NFTs featuring a montage of audio calls and complaints made by Shanghai residents as they interacted with medical staff and neighborhood compound managers have appeared on OpenSea.

NFTs are leveling up gaming and not all about money

NFT in gaming is not only for play-to-earn, writes Nicholas Douzinas of Ajuna Network. It should also be fun and foster human connections.

NFT marketplaces responsible for keeping fakes out, Chinese court rules

Under Chinese copyright law, the court ruled a marketplace’s failure to ensure the uniqueness of an NFT constituted aiding infringement.

Is there a future for the NFT beyond digital art?

NFT technology became famous for $69 million digital art, but what will change the world are its myriad practical uses, writes Jan Hartmann of Banxa Labs.

BSN developer’s NFT warning; LINE launches NFTs

State-backed developer delivers warning on the state of NFTs in China. Meanwhile, LINE launches a NFT marketplace.

Resist the temptation on NFTs, Chinese state-backed developer says

In an exclusive interview with Forkast, the head of government-founded Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) cautioned against packaging NFTs as investment products despite the temptation to profit off the euphoria.

How Southeast Asia’s NFT ecosystem lifts up local artists

Providing access to global customers and higher income, NFTs are changing lives in some of the poorest places in the world, writes Katherine Ng of TZ APAC.

MobiKwik pulls crypto support; Twitter NFT hacker strikes again

In India, Mobikwik yanks crypto support. Meanwhile in the cyberspace, a Twitter hack promotes a fake NFT drop.

Does the NFT correction foreshadow a nascent comeback?

The market for non-fungible tokens soared, then slumped. That doesn’t worry Spores Network’s Duc Luu, who’s betting on brands to fuel its future growth.

Goldman forecasts inflation peak, as NFTs charm its clients

NFTs are seen as investments rather than aesthetic collectibles to Goldman clients, while the investment bank struggles to distinguish blue chip projects from the pretenders.

Why gamers dislike NFTs — and what might turn them around

Would gamers and developers still feel disdain for NFTs if companies used blockchain technology differently? Will Deane explores the possibilities.

NFT buyers dip for a second straight month

In contrast to the rising crypto market, NFT sales have declined significantly in March, but one industry watcher says there’s no need to panic just yet.

China’s WeChat bans NFT accounts; Zilliqa token soars

NFTs accounts banned from WeChat due to “crypto speculation”. Meanwhile, Zilliqa on the rise after Metapolis announcement.

How women artists are bridging the NFT gender gap

Despite the promises of decentralized technology, women remain vastly underrepresented in the NFT art world. Forkast talks to artists working to change that.

Ukraine’s NFT museum; Bitcoin on the up.

Ukraine launches its NFT Museum of War. Meanwhile, Bitcoin passes $47,000 mark.

DeFi, NFT access at stake as FATF travel rule takes effect in South Korea

Flexibility allowed in new rule requiring crypto companies to comply with anti-money laundering guidelines leads to some confusion.

What Else Can You Do With An NFT?

NFTs are mostly recognized as digital art and collectibles. But what else can they be used for?

How to protect NFT intellectual property rights explored at Australian Blockchain Week

With explosive growth in the past 12 months, the non-fungible token industry is getting too big to ignore IP licenses, experts say.

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan ponies up tax on NFT sale

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan is in the crosshairs of Indian tax authorities again, this time for NFT sales.

Bored Apes as NFTs: What is the Bored Ape Yacht Club?

BAYC is one of the hallmark NFT collections and a billion-dollar ecosystem. This Forkast explainer explores the cartoon primates and what makes them so special.

What does Music have to do with NFTs?

Major record labels have generated massive profits from previous structures of creative industries, but NFTs can transfer power to the artists.

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The NFT Market By the Numbers

Global Sales Volume NFT sales amounted to US$18.5 billion in 2021—a 570-fold increase from 2020 as the record bid for Beeple’s digital collage and the strong reception for NBA Top Shot attracted new collectors and boosted prices, data from NFT industry data aggregator CryptoSlam showed. Companies from Gucci and Ray-Ban to McDonald’s and Coca Cola […]

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MakeMyTrip launches NFT collection of top Indian travel spots

Kraken launches gas-free NFT marketplace

Solana struggles under US$90 while NFT sales surge higher

BTC Markets partners with Australian Fashion Week for couture NFT

Yuga Labs Otherside NFTs top US$285 mln; over US$175 mln in ETH gas guzzled

John Legend’s OurSong raises US$7.5 mln to fuel music NFTs

Chinese streaming service Bilibili debuts NFTs for foreign buyers

Tax authorities in China jump onto NFT bandwagon

South Korean police arrest man behind NFT sale of cat-like character CatSle

55,000 Meta Cricket League NFTs sell out in nine minutes

Zombie Zoo Keeper, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen maker team up for PikoZoo NFT

Bored Apes Instagram hack nets millions in stolen NFTs

S.Korean music sharing platform to use NFTs for copyright protection

BlockBar and Monkey Shoulder partner for BAYC exclusive NFTs

University of the Philippines Twitter account hacked to promote NFT drop

Chinese streaming service Bilibili enables NFT transfers

Indian farmers’ protest NFTs find no takers on OpenSea

Pudgy Penguins’ NFT sales surge 500% on mystery map

Coinbase’s NFT market enters beta for select customers

Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban-backed startup sells autographs as NFTs

Alibaba extends NFT reach with its food delivery arm

KuCoin launches $100 mln fund for NFT projects

Hyundai Motor drives into metaverse branding with Meta Kongz NFT project

China’s largest broadcaster’s NFT series becomes a trilogy

Chinese Communist Party paper to “develop” NFTs

Japan’s messenger app LINE launches NFT marketplace

China museum chief fences cultural relics from NFTs

Hic Hic Hurray! Scottish distillery Ardbeg to release limited-edition whiskey NFTs

China’s industry lobbies join NFT bashing chorus

Chinese tech giant Huawei debuts NFTs

China’s Xpeng joins the bandwagon in selling NFTs on Alibaba

Twitter hacker takes over verified accounts to promote fake Azuki NFT drop

China’s Sichuan province launches NFT marketplace

Solana NFT sales gain pace after quiet OpenSea listing

Solana NFT sales drop by 21% after OpenSea integration

China’s Communist Party wants to regulate NFTs

Sky Mavis raises $150 mln to offset Ronin hack, Axie NFT sales surge more than 350%

Former Hong Kong finance Tsar to launch NFTs

China’s Shandong TV to build NFT marketplace

Lamborghini’s last all-gas Aventador to be auctioned with NFT

New owner gives Pudgy Penguins NFTs happy feet

WeChat bans NFT accounts, citing ‘crypto speculation’

OpenSea’s Solana NFT integration, long rumored, is now real

Xiamen reveals plan to bolster its metaverse, NFT-related firms

World of Women Galaxy NFTs sell out in 3 days

South Korea recruits NFT experts for metaverse boot camp

Ukraine’s NFT museum of Russian conflict goes live