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The Future of NFTs

As multi-chain NFTs take off, Forkast Labs launches a vital new way to measure value on the blockchain.

Welcome to The Daily Forkast — March 7, 2023 — presented by Joel Flynn.

NFTs are finally being created on the blockchain that matters most — Bitcoin. That, of course, was made possible by a new protocol called Ordinals which was released last month. And, big firms like Yuga Labs are getting into the action by creating their Bitcoin-based NFTs TwelveFold. This also marks a significant step in the relationship between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and the possibility of a multi-chain future for NFTs.

While innovations in the NFT space are happening everywhere, the market is still facing some key issues. One of them is the price movements not reflecting what’s really happening on-chain, nor the value of the network. And this is what Forkast Labs, the new data intelligence ecosystem for the digital economy, hopes to address.

Join us in this episode of The Daily Forkast as we take a closer look at whether multi-chain NFTs are the future of the sector.