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Blockchain-based financial systems are creating more financial neutrality | The Great Disruption Ep 02

While the banking system has been working well for citizens in first-world economies, people in underdeveloped regions often struggle to gain access to the same financial services that others are taking for granted. Can a blockchain-based financial system restore financial neutrality and bank the world’s unbanked? Find out in this Forkast.News video explainer.  What you’ll […]

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Chainlink among top crypto performers in October—Fintech Advisory Services report

The Fintech Advisory Services monthly report details the main crypto-metrics and indicators for the past month: News, Market Performance, Networks, Mining Activity, Public Sentiment, and Academic Publications. The report also covers the latest “Hot Topics” in the crypto space. This month: Facebook’s Libra, Telegram’s TON, China’s CBDC, and quantum computing.

November 2019