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John Mitchell

John Mitchell is the CEO of Episode Six, a payments technology firm that works with HSBC and several other companies in Hong Kong. Prior to E6, John built payment platforms and programs across multiple continents. He began working in payments at Netspend Corp., where he built its distribution network and spearheaded its market strategy. John holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Texas at Austin.

May 2022

Why a Hong Kong CBDC is coming — for institutions

Governments around the world are racing to develop their own digital currencies, but an e-HKD may not make sense for Hong Kong’s people. John Mitchell of Episode Six explains why Hong Kong is unique.

April 2022

Could CBDCs help banks make DeFi irrelevant?

Unregulated and fragmented, DeFi remains niche, writes John Mitchell of Episode Six. Here’s how programmable money can help banks do what decentralized finance is doing.