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Justin Banon

Justin Banon is the CEO and co-founder of Boson Protocol, a project using smart contracts to power real world commerce. Prior to this, Justin spearheaded the travel experiences division of Collinson. Justin has founded numerous startups over the last two decades, including Meltfactory, a blockchain strategy consultancy where he served as CEO, and Redeemeum, a crypto native rewards platform where he currently holds the position of CEO. He also serves as a start-up mentor at Outlier Ventures, an investment firm focusing on blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT and robotics.

February 2023

Why the Hermès verdict was a big win for major brands and phygital commerce

The Metabirkins case makes clear that NFT trademarks belong to the original creator, bolstering future profit-making opportunities for fashion houses as well as other companies, writes Justin Banon of Boson Protocol.

October 2020

Why DeFi’s exponential growth is not a bubble and will ‘keep soaring’

Risks, bugs and mistakes are a necessary part of DeFi’s evolution — just like the early days of the internet, writes Justin Banon of Boson Protocol