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Adi Ben-Ari

Adi Ben-Ari is the founder and CEO of Applied Blockchain, a specialist in building applications with enhanced trust and privacy. Adi was also co-founder and CTO of Tallysticks, a blockchain-based invoicing system. Adi is an advisor for a number of startups, and his work has been noted by the U.K. Government, where he was invited to present at Parliament and the House of Lords. Adi holds a number of patents related to confidential computing, cryptography, blockchain and mobile payments.

May 2022

Blockchain bridges have failed spectacularly. Can the faith and trust in them be restored?

Solana’s $325M Wormhole breach and Axie Infinity’s $600M Ronin hack laid bare the security risks of cross-chain bridges. What are the solutions?

February 2022

NFTs can upend the music business. Artists should take note

Blockchain technology allows musicians to sell songs directly and earn more per song, writes Adi Ben-Ari of Applied Blockchain.

October 2021

As regulators circle above, how should the DeFi industry respond?

Traditional finance evolved over centuries while DeFi is coming into its own in a few years, writes Adi Ben-Ari of Applied Blockchain. Are its risks inevitable?