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Ilia Maksimenka

Ilia is the founder and CEO of PlasmaPay, PlasmaDLT and Plasma.Finance, operating under the umbrella of Plasma Alliance. Together, this complete ecosystem of blockchain-based payments and DeFi protocols reflects Ilia’s long-held belief that decentralized finance will be the empowering catalyst for fairer financial systems that can equally benefit all.

August 2021

Why institutional investors cannot afford to ignore DeFi

Much of traditional finance still believes DeFi is too risky and not worth the bother, writes Ilia Maksimenka of PlasmaFinance. Are these perceptions accurate?

January 2021

Facebook-backed Diem, now close to launch, is propelling crypto into the mainstream

Formerly named Libra, the Diem stablecoin is now awaiting regulatory approval, writes Ilia Maksimenka of PlasmaPay. What are Diem’s odds of success?