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Opinion | The Future of Money Isn’t Libra or Chinacoin, it’s Federated

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney recently called for a global digital currency, expressing a desire to move beyond the US dollar hegemony as the world’s reserve currency, but also avoid having another national currency, such as China’s renminbi (or their newly announced digital currency), replace it. While some might point to private sector initiatives such as Libra […]

China Telecom Introduces its Blockchain SIM Card Project

In anticipation of China Telecom’s new blockchain SIM card project, Director of its Blockchain Research and Development Departments, David Wei Liang, peaks to Angie Lau, Editor-in-Chief of Forkast.News, about the reasoning behind embarking on the project, the product’s uses and implications, and the timeline of its adoption. The time is ripe for telecom companies to […]

WATCH: Why is China’s Central Bank Launching a Digital Currency? Chicago Booth Economist Explains the Impact

Key Highlights “[A central bank’s digital currency is] a huge database using the hash function, chain technology. There’s no distributed ledger portal.” “[The People’s Bank of China] have been working on CBDC for about four years now.” “One of the areas where I really think blockchain could help is on trade finance. When I say […]

Opinion | Rising U.S.-China Trade War Tensions Highlight Need for a Viable Stablecoin

In the midst of rising U.S.-China trade war tensions over sanctions against Iranian oil, investors are likely to look to bitcoin and other cryptos as alternative options to traditional stocks and other fiat-driven investments. While uncertainty in traditional markets has benefited the crypto market, volatility remains a substantive issue for investors seeking long-term price stability. […]

How the U.S.-China Trade War Impacted Hashgraph (Part IV)

Key Highlights Hedera Hashgraph will devote capital from the fundraise to grow enterprise sales and double down on regulatory The governing body for Hedera Hashgraph was designed to be distributed and representative of all constituencies from a global perspective Listen to the full podcast version of this interview Transcript of Part IV Liquidity and market. […]

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