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Sam Reynolds is a contributor to Forkast and previously was a technology analyst with IDC. In addition to Forkast, Sam contributes to WCCFTech, covering semiconductors and finance.

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As China’s DCEP approaches launch, Facebook’s Libra pivots

This week has been one where big changes came fast and furious on the opposite sides of the central bank digital currency world.  First, alleged screenshots of a mockup of the People’s Bank of China central bank digital currency’s mobile app were published, giving the public a taste of the apparent functionality of the platform […]

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Forkast Talks Tech | Agnostic Code and Cloud Storage: NEO is Accessible to Everyone, While Sharing Your Data With No One

NEO is a cross-platform, code-agnostic blockchain revolutionizing the sector starting with distributed storage. We sit down with Hongfei Da to chat about the technology and where it’s going.  In any sort enterprise deployment, or even in a software stack, different protocols and standards need to co-exist. One way to ensure this cross-compatibility is through APIs […]

June 2019

Innovation vs Conservatism: Taiwan’s Big Blockchain Conundrum

Taiwan is known as a hub for semiconductors and technology, but not finance. While neighboring Hong Kong has HSBC, and Singapore to its south has DBS, Taiwan’s financial sector — mighty on paper in its own right with approximately $1 trillion in financial assets on the books — lacks the global cachet of its neighbors. […]