What is Cosmos — the ‘internet of blockchains’?

The Cosmos ecosystem is expanding rapidly with inter-blockchain transfers on the rise. What makes Cosmos different from other blockchains? Forkast.News explains.

Crypto tax delay is a chance for South Korea to fix loopholes, experts say

Now that South Korea’s crypto tax is delayed a year, what will the final form look like? Should crypto gains be taxed like stock profits — or winning the lottery?

Korea crypto tax postponed; CoinDCX looks to IPO

Korea crypto tax postponed, meanwhile CoinDCX looks to IPO

Why a decentralized metaverse is Web 3.0’s new frontier

The metaverse is a convergence of the physical and digital worlds, writes Gloria Wu of Ontology. How can the metaverse escape Web 2.0’s failings?

Omicron hits markets; Japanese novel released as NFT

Omicron hits markets meanwhile Japanese novel released as NFT

China’s new mobile payment rules could pave the way for e-CNY, experts say

In the long run, the new rules may ‘lay the perfect foundation’ to improve risk management, says an ICBC expert.

BTC, ETH prices recover after market jolt following Omicron variant

The impact was relatively short-lived, and many major tokens had already retraced most of their positions from Friday coming in Asia business hours.

South Korea and Japan grapple with how to define, and tax, cryptocurrency gains

South Korea reaches a tentative agreement to delay a pending tax on virtual assets. Crypto investors in next-door Japan already face taxation up to 55%.

Metaverse picks up momentum; Binance tweet gets yellow card

Metaverse picks up momentum, on the other hand Binance tweet gets yellow card

What is SafeMoon and can it safely reach the moon?

SafeMoon, known for high fees and social media hype, is now 85% below its all-time high. What lies in SafeMoon’s future?

How Asia’s generative NFT art is reshaping the global creative culture

As the NFT zeitgeist sweeps the world, the industry’s beating heart is in Asia, writes David Tng of TZ APAC. Here’s how Asia’s NFTs are changing business models.

Korea crypto tax debated; Crypto.com on a tear

Korea crypto tax debated meanwhile, Crypto.com is on a tear

How high fashion is waking up to blockchain’s possibilities

Luxury fashion houses set trends that trickle down to the rest of culture. Here’s where brands like Prada and Burberry are headed on the blockchain curve.

Crypto miner Xive flees southern Kazakhstan amid power shortages

Xive co-founder tells Forkast.News no mining is possible in the south, while other regions still survive.

Crypto.com on a price tear as Cardano, TRON plummet on eToro delist news

Cardano ADA and Tron TRX will no longer be available to eToro’s US customers next year while CRO reflects Crypto.com ‘going from strength to strength.’

Why Arbitrum and rollups are dominating Ethereum scaling

Arbitrum is leading the way in Ethereum scaling, according to a new report by Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform. What are the challenges that lie ahead?

India’s crypto market plummets as parliament schedules debate on bill to ban it

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell nearly 24% in India as investors sought to get ahead of a possible crypto prohibition.

India proposes crypto ban; Metaverse race heats up

India proposes crypto ban meanwhile Metaverse race heats up

What would Jerome Powell’s second term mean for crypto?

Top blockchain and crypto news: Fed nominations suggest no sudden moves. El Salvador’s Bitcoin lava affair. Dodgy dealings in China’s digital yuan.

How will decentralized hosting change the future of social media? | Part 2

As social media’s influence on broader society continues to grow, decentralized platforms will mean less central moderation — for better or worse.

How to survive an IRS crypto tax audit

The US Internal Revenue Service is taking a hard look at cryptocurrency transactions to crack down on tax dodgers. How can crypto holders protect themselves?
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Hedge fund rockstar sets the stage for the next NFT wave

The digital print of the U.S. Constitution grew an estimated 35% in value by the time Ken Griffin made the winning bid, surely ushering in more NFT interest.

Another e-CNY scam busted; SCMP to tokenize history

Another e-CNY scam busted, meanwhile SCMP to tokenize history

What is Algorand and why is it a blockchain to watch?

Algorand ‘re-imagines’ blockchain by trying to solve key weaknesses of Bitcoin. Learn about this wannabe Ethereum killer in this Forkast.News explainer.

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New York Fed and BIS join hands to launch fintech hub

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigns

Nigeria charges ahead with CBDC deployment with 600K app downloads

South Korea’s 20% tax on virtual asset gains is postponed

China central bank to establish crypto asset transaction tracking system

South Korea’s SK Square is 2nd-largest shareholder of crypto exchange Korbit

Coinstore defies regulatory tension to enter India

AMC, Sony to release Spider-Man NFTs ahead of upcoming film

Chinese state media warns on risks related to the metaverse

Japanese sci-fi novel’s English translations exclusively NFTs

Soccer superstar Iniesta given the yellow card over Binance promo tweet

Amount of Ether burnt since EIP 1559 reaches 1M ETH

Metaverse tokens lead market growth; BTC options set to expire

Reserve Bank of Australia considers wholesale digital dollar

Tether pledges to work with policymakers on stablecoin transparency

Bill to delay 20% crypto tax in deadlock in South Korea

US Senate Banking Committee sends inquiries to stablecoin issuers

South Korea’s Gamevil acquires blockchain tech company

Japan’s top banks look to launch a digital currency backed by bank deposits

Australian superannuation fund considers crypto investment

Hex Trust to provide financial services for Animoca gamers

Animoca to cover victims’ losses in Phantom Galaxies-related hack

Shenzhen introduces incentives to promote cross-border e-CNY

AMC rival Regal enables crypto payments for moviegoers

Elon Musk takes on Binance with Dogecoin withdrawal glitch

South Korea’s Upbit launches NFT trading platform; FNC launches K-pop digital collectibles

New law for crypto industry in the works in South Korea

ConstitutionDAO to shut down after unsuccessful bid for copy of U.S. Constitution

Aussie watchdog obtains cold wallet holding US$20M in Bitcoin involved with alleged scam

More Chinese regional equity exchanges pilot blockchain application

Palau partners Ripple on national stablecoin using XRP Ledger

U.S. develops crypto-asset ‘roadmap’; is the Fedcoin on its way?

Ontology partners with bloXmove on decentralized transport infrastructure

Solana’s Ethereum virtual machine Neon integrates Aleph.im for interoperability data

Hong Kong’s SCMP plans first batch of NFTs documenting history

OliveX to raise $5.8M via share placement to build fitness metaverse

South Korean crypto exchange acquires stake in major bank

China’s Fujian authority reiterates crackdown on crypto mining