China seizes mining rigs; Ukraine crypto backlash warning

In China. authorities bust a mining operation disguised as an E-V charging station. Going into Europe, Ukraine reiterates it’s calls for a blanket ban as the Russians try and preserve the value of the ruble.

Russia faces crypto freeze as exchanges toe line on sanctions

Top blockchain and crypto news: Moscow faces crypto winter. DeFi doyen quits Fantom. China mulls metaverse moves.

How will digital money play into banking’s future?

Blockchain technology is rapidly transforming the finance sector. DBS Bank CEO Piyush Gupta offers an insider’s look at what’s coming next.

Coinbase blocks Russian addresses; Philippines plans CBDC

US crypto exchange Coinbase has blacklisted 25,000 Russian wallet address in response to the ongoing Russian-Ukraine conflict. Meanwhile in Asia, English-language newspaper South China Morning Post announces the launch of its metaverse experience.

Why NFT scams are on the rise — and how to stop them

‘Lazy minting’ may seem affordable but heightens the risk of NFT theft, writes Anthem Blanchard of Herasoft. Is storing NFTs on-chain the solution?

Aid for Ukraine: why a stranded founder turned to DAO and crypto

Stranded away from home, Web 3.0 company Everstake founder Sergey Vasylchuck realized he could still help his war-torn homeland Ukraine by raising funds through a DAO.

China discusses the metaverse; Blockchain community comes together

As China’s Two Session’s meetings begin, ‘Metaverse’ enters the Chinese government’s radar. And while the invasion of Ukraine continues, Singapore announces new sanctions on Russia.

Burned out on crypto? Pro tips on finding calm in a bear market

The crypto market never sleeps, but you should take a breather, advises Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy Crypto. Here’s how to recharge and fill your cup.

‘Metaverse’ enters government radar at China’s Two Sessions

Regulation is urgently needed to govern data security and curb speculation as the metaverse industry develops, delegates say.

Conflict currency: How crypto has become enmeshed in the war in Ukraine

Bitcoin and other cryptos are being used on both sides of the fight, raising ethical issues that cut to the core of decentralization, says AAX’s Ben Caselin

Korean exchanges block Russians; Crypto’s role in conflict

As the war in Ukraine enters it’s second week, we take a look at how cyptocurrencies and digital assets can play a role in a conflict.

The future is decentralized: How Web3 can reshape the world

As the public tires of Big Tech’s privacy abuses, Web3’s premise of decentralization has never looked better, writes Edward Chen of Huobi.

Russian accounts frozen in Korea; China’s Two Sessions beckons

Crypto donations on the rise for Ukraine as Russian aggression continues. Meanwhile in Asia, China’s Two Session’s are set to begin – could Ukraine and crypto be a part of the agenda?

Can crypto cushion Russia from the pain of sanctions?

War-mongering Russia is finding itself increasingly isolated. What if the rogue state tries to regain its financial footing via cryptocurrency?

China’s Two Sessions: what to expect for blockchain

Look for progress reports on e-CNY, blockchain technology, new digital infrastructure, and subtle mentions of the international sanctions against Russia.

India’s blockchain courses ramp up to meet demand for learning

Recruiters from the public and private sectors are on the hunt for top blockchain talent. Educational institutions are catching up with customized courses.

Ukraine fundraising gathers pace; Korea’s crypto election?

Support for Ukraine in the crypto world grows as Russia’s attack continues. Meanwhile, hackers gives American tech giant an ultimatum.

Bitcoin shores up Ukraine fighters amid Moscow’s money meltdown

Top blockchain and crypto news: Digital currency battling Russian invasion. Ethereum remains NFT projects’ chain of choice. China to lock up crypto traders.

Russian ruble plunges; Ukraine DAO aids civilians

Sanctions on Russia have prompted a resurgence in the Crypto market as the Russian ruble takes a nosedive. And as the attack on Ukraine continues, a decentralized autonomous organization is created to support Ukrainian civilians who have joined military efforts.

Metaverse NFT projects boom as Meta ignores blockchain

It’s been a booming time for the NFT market, and as data from CryptoSlam shows, there has been particular interest in metaverse projects recently.

‘We don’t have time’ for traditional fundraising, crypto is most efficient: Ukraine DAO

With limited access to donations through traditional crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies and NFTs offer immediate help, Trippy Labs tells Forkast.

How the market is evolving from GameFi to SocialFi — and what comes next

A blockchain is a database that can record all transactions and transfers for the entire world. All users can use public blockchain explorers to verify all data is correct.  Blockchain facilitates transactions of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Transactions that take place are fast, cheap, tamper-proof and irreversible.  But blockchain technology is not limited […]

How Is Play-To-Earn Disrupting Traditional Gaming?

Are the days of playing games on Nintendo, SEGA, and other consoles and powerful desktop gaming computers gone? No.

Binance assembles sanction task force; India seeks bitcoin clarity

Ukraine is offering Russian soldiers cash or crypto for their surrender in the ongoing attack on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Binance is working to comply with sanctions on Russia.

Who are the biggest players in the metaverse today?

The multi-faceted metaverse provides new channels for gaming, socialization, art exhibitions and more. Who’s leading the race and how?

Will Bitcoin and Ethereum make a comeback in 2022?

Russia’s war on Ukraine is battering crypto prices, but what does the more distant future hold for BTC and ETH? Fintech experts offer predictions.

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Binance eyes gaming, e-commerce in upcoming acquisition spree

India’s crypto tax will incur losses for government, says WazirX CEO

EU says crypto included in sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Biden pushes the U.S. on CBDCs in sweeping crypto executive order

Alibaba NFT marketplace suspends users for massage gun rapid clicks

Fans celebrate NFT artist Alotta Money’s life at Cryptovoxels metaverse 

Thailand eases crypto tax burden until 2023 to promote industry

China busts crypto mining rigs disguised as EV charging ports

Indians see future in crypto, government sees revenue, FM says

UK regulator may cancel Eqonex’s registration over Binance, Bifinity ties

S.Korean presidential hopefuls campaign to avatars in the metaverse

Public will boycott crypto firms serving Russians: Ukraine minister

CoinDCX chimes in on India’s growing blockchain education needs

SCMP remakes Hong Kong’s Star Ferry Pier on the metaverse

China plans crackdown on illegal fundraising in metaverse, NFTs

Binance launches fiat-to-crypto service Bifinity

NFT startup Immutable valued at $2.5 billion in Temasek-led financing

Coinbase blocks 25,000 Russian crypto wallet addresses

DeFi wizard Cronje’s departure sends TVL sinking 

S.Korean presidential candidate issues over 22,000 NFTs

PBOC branch chief seeks clarity on digital yuan as legal tender

Russian banks turn to China’s UnionPay as Visa, Mastercard pull plug

Singapore prohibits crypto, NFT transactions in sanctions against Russia

Anchor boosts Terra DeFi amid minor crypto market dip

Covid shuts cinema but Hong Kong gets backup from the metaverse

OpenSea blocks Iranian users, citing US sanctions list

China still has 10% of global Bitcoin transactions, PBOC says

Four more South Korean crypto exchanges block Russian IPs

At least 3M Aussies own some form of crypto asset

Ukraine cancels crypto airdrop, promises NFTs

Ukraine government’s crypto wallets near $40M in donations

S.Korean crypto exchange freezes around 20 Russian accounts

Nomura Holdings plans new digital assets company

Tencent calls dibs on metaverse virtual concerts in patent application

NFTs enter ‘mini-bear market’ as buyers drop to three-month low

Ukraine DAO NFT sells for $6.5M (2,173.6 ETH)

Animoca Brands halts services to Russians: report

Over half of S.Korea crypto traders are in their 30s and 40s

Nvidia hackers threaten to unleash Ethereum mining limiter disabler

Bitcoin, proof-of-work ban removed from European Union’s MiCA

USDT-RUB volume outpaces Bitcoin pair as Russia sanctions pile

Ukrainian Bitcoin ATM producer eyes Asia expansion

US asks crypto exchanges to comply with Russian sanctions: report

Crypto market gained $200B in the last 12 hours

Ukraine crypto donations top $36M amid Russian invasion