South Korea wants to be the physical home of the metaverse

The tech-savvy nation is deemed a prime environment to grow the metaverse. What comes next, and will some be left out by a digital divide?

Korea to survey crypto assets; China hunts for CBDC talent

Korea will include virtual assets in its financial survey, while China’s central bank hunts for CBDC talents.

Where does Singapore’s crypto policy go from here?

Despite Singapore’s reputation as a crypto-friendly hub, the truth is more complicated. Is the city-state purposely keeping out small companies?

Crypto market tumbles amid uncertainty over Russia and Ukraine

Bitcoin and Ethereum fall below psychologically important levels as rising uncertainty clouds markets. Is the Fed also depressing crypto’s prospects?

NFTs and music: Is the fan outcry over NFTs’ environmental impact warranted? | Part 4

K-pop fans are waging online campaigns against their favorite artists over NFTs, denouncing the technology’s carbon footprint. How polluting are NFTs?

Korea plans metaverse leadership; Russian bank proposes crypto ban

South Korea envisons itself becoming a top metaverse leader, while Russia’s central bank proposes crypto ban.

Why Asia is poised to be the next big market for an NFT boom

Global NFT sales are exploding in 2022, but experts predict this is only the beginning of a bigger surge in Asia.

Crypto investors are being wooed in South Korea’s tight presidential election

The top contenders jockey for position on initial coin offerings and other blockchain-based innovations. How did crypto become a critical factor in the race?

Digital dollar leaps closer to reality with new Fed paper

Though the world’s most powerful central bank does not stake a position, its discussion paper is a big step toward supporting a future US digital currency.

Straight shot: How sports stars are sidestepping middlemen in Web 3.0

A pro basketball player and an ex-banker are aiming for a slam-dunk with a ‘creator first’ content platform. Calaxy co-founder Solo Ceesay explains how.

Hyundai Card VP says crypto passing tulip stage; Asia’s NFT shift

South Korean company Hyundai Card’s VP says crypto passing through the “tulip stage”, meanwhile NFT is shifting towards Asia.

How creators can solve the talent bottleneck in gaming

The gaming industry suffers from a talent shortage, but blockchain technology and Gen Z’s obsession with self-expression are relieving cost pressures.

How is crypto different from regular money?

With all the buzz surrounding cryptocurrency, one has to wonder how it is different from traditional money. Watch this short Forkast video explainer to learn about the evolution of money and what makes cryptocurrency like Bitcoin unique. What you’ll learn: How did the financial crisis of 2008 give birth to cryptocurrency? Why is decentralization viewed […]

The rising tide of decentralization in mass movements

Alternative approaches to governance have never been more important, writes Alexander Filatov of TON Labs. Here is how DAOs can change the world.

e-CNY transactions surge; Fusang IPO green light

e-CNY transactions surge in China, meanwhile Fusang IPO ‘s get a green light

Crypto clampdowns mount in Asia as authorities ponder bans

Top blockchain and crypto news: Asian governments target crypto. Managing MATIC. China’s expanding metaverse.

Fusang receives green light for US$10M equity-token IPO

Malaysian exchange will offer equity tokens representing direct shares on the blockchain, claiming it will be the world’s first fully regulated equity-token IPO.

Binance partners with Gulf Energy; Polygon’s upgrade live

Binance partners with Gulf Energy for Thai crypto exchange, meanwhile, Polygon’s upgrade live

Polygon upgrade ignites token burn to make MATIC more valuable

Polygon’s upgrade, which piggybacks off Ethereum’s EIP-1559, makes MATIC deflationary while allowing users to estimate gas fees more accurately.

BTFD is more than a meme — it’s a revolution

Savvy cryptocurrency investors now know what the biggest players have long done, writes Michal Cymbalisty of Domination Finance — ‘buying the f* dip!’

Australian Open enters metaverse; Chinese university goes virtual

Australian Opens just opened in the metaverse and a Chinese university launches a virtual campus.

The Australian Open launches on the metaverse, attracting digital fans

In the latest sign of growing blockchain adoption, the tennis tournament expands to the metaverse, offering rewards and participation through NFTs.

As Binance shrinks away in Asia, will it put down roots in the Middle East?

Binance’s CEO is now the richest Asian man, but the crypto exchange giant’s presence in Asia—where Binance got its start—is withering under regulatory heat.

How to invest in cryptocurrency

If you’re intrigued about Bitcoin’s price history or Ethereum’s all-time highs, you might be wondering if you’re missing out on financial gains. To explore how to get started in investing in cryptocurrency, Forkast has created a quick explainer video on what to do and the options. What you’ll learn: What are the two types of […]

Palau plans to issue stablecoin; China rolling out NFT infrastructure

China’s Blockchain Services Network rolling out NFT infrastructure, while Palau plans to issue stablecoin.

Up to code: Bringing digital assets into the regulatory architecture

If 2021 was a breakout year for crypto, this year may mark a similar advance for regulation of the industry, says Caroline Malcolm, Chainalysis’ new policy chief.

Upstart NFT marketplace LooksRare challenges OpenSea’s dominance

The NFT platform crosses $1B in sales volume within a week after launch, but with a controversial incentive structure and so-called ‘vampire’ attack.

Crypto ‘finfluencers’ are attracting a new following — of regulators

Online influencers may be improving crypto-financial literacy for millions of people. But regulators have growing concerns.

This is what DeFi banking will look like in the future

Traditional banks are not going away and decentralized finance is here to stay, writes Edan Yago of Sovryn. Here’s how an amalgam of the two can take shape.

FastForkast headlines

Survey: India wants crypto regulation clarity from Parliament

Interpol issues ‘purple notice’ on Bitcoin phishing case in S.Korea: reports

SEC wins time to resist crucial document handover to Ripple in XRP lawsuit

Zhejiang urges its cities to host the next digital yuan pilots

China’s BSN names eight partners for its non-crypto NFT platform

OpenSea NFT marketplace hacked for 332 ETH

China’s central bank expands hunt for digital currency talent

Fantom overtakes Binance Smart Chain in DeFi TVL

Bitcoin price slumps as mining hashrate and difficulty reach ATHs

S.Korea adds crypto to annual finance survey as household asset

Facebook, Instagram explore NFT integration, marketplace: report

Bitcoin price falls below $40K for second time in two weeks

Guangzhou will advance digital yuan, blockchain pilots in 2022

S.Korea aims to conquer the metaverse in its five-year strategy

Foxconn pledges to boost metaverse development this year

No decision on digital dollar in Fed’s new CBDC report

BIT Mining’s Ohio site power capacity grows amid US expansion

Lack of audience won’t stop digital yuan showcase at Winter Olympics

Digital collectible gifts on the way for Chinese New Year

Hyundai Card VP: Crypto’s ‘tulip mania’ stage is passing

Google hires former PayPal exec in crypto push

Pakistani bank to customers: halt crypto transactions

Singapore crypto ATMs shut down to comply with central bank rules

Digital yuan transactions surge, reach $11.24B last year

Two S. Korean presidential candidates want to bring back ICOs

Crypto-related crimes in China still high despite ban on transactions

Microsoft to acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard in metaverse bid

Animoca Brands valued at US$5B after latest fundraise

India crypto bill likely delayed again

India PM calls for global ‘common thinking’ on crypto regulation

S. Korean broadcaster KBS opens metaverse studio for 2022 election

Burnt Finance bags $8M funding led by Animoca Brands

Binance, Gulf Energy enter partnership to develop Thai crypto exchange inks AU$27M deal with the Australian Football League

Pakistan agency wants to block crypto portals, report says

S. Korean lawmaker takes Bitcoin donations, issues receipts in NFTs

Wuhan pledges to develop metaverse to boost Covid-ravaged economy

Cardano ADA beats Bitcoin as Ethereum alternative: Twitter poll

Chinese university warns against Norton’s Ethereum mining function

Fed nominee looks to Congress for guidance on US digital dollar

$1.5 billion worth of digital yuan transacted in Beijing last year

China to launch own NFT infrastructure by end Jan, BSN confirms

Bitcoin and Ethereum futures ETFs may be in the cards for India