Early Bitcoin adopter and Bitcoin Cash promoter Roger Ver told Forkast he will issue an official statement before Monday responding to allegations he defaulted on a US$47 million loan in USDC from CoinFLEX.

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Fast facts

  • Ver told Forkast in a phone interview on Thursday that he will issue a full statement on the allegation. Mickey Amami, an executive assistant for Roger Ver, said the statement will be released over the weekend.
  • While declining to comment on the details of the statement, he said he stands by a tweet he sent on Wednesday morning.
  • The tweet rejected the claim he defaulted on the loan and stated instead he was the one owed money.
  • That tweet “is completely accurate, and I stand by that,” he said in the phone call.
  • Mark Lamb, the chief executive officer of lending platform CoinFLEX, said in a tweet on Wednesday morning that Ver defaulted on a written agreement to guarantee negative equity on his CoinFLEX account.
  • CoinFLEX froze transactions on its platform last Friday citing extreme market conditions and uncertainty of a counterparty whose debt is equal to the amount CoinFLEX now claims is owed by Ver.
  • Several crypto firms are teetering near bankruptcy amid a severe price slump and repercussions from the US$40 billion collapse of the Terra stablecoin and LUNA cryptocurrency in May.
  • Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital was recently declared insolvent by a court in the British Virgin Islands where it is domiciled, while crypto exchange FTX is reportedly closing in on a deal to buy crypto lender BlockFi for US$25 million, a company once valued at almost US$5 billion.
  • Forkast has contacted Mark Lamb and is awaiting his response to the dispute with Ver.

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