Axie Infinity’s latest fix to tokenomics has players up in arms 

An attempt to assuage Axie Infinity players miffed by falling earnings isn’t turning out too well for developer Sky Mavis, Forkast learns, as loyalists bemoan it may be too little, too late.

Is there a future for the NFT beyond digital art?

NFT technology became famous for $69 million digital art, but what will change the world are its myriad practical uses, writes Jan Hartmann of Banxa Labs.

Chasing my first crypto wallet down a rabbit hole

In Part 1 of a special Forkast series, crypto newcomer Joel Stein dips a toe into Bitcoin and Doge by opening his first-ever crypto wallet.

BSN developer’s NFT warning; LINE launches NFTs

State-backed developer delivers warning on the state of NFTs in China. Meanwhile, LINE launches a NFT marketplace.

Resist the temptation on NFTs, Chinese state-backed developer says

In an exclusive interview with Forkast, the head of government-founded Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) cautioned against packaging NFTs as investment products despite the temptation to profit off the euphoria.

How the metaverse is closing the gap between virtual and reality

The metaverse promises to radically change how we work, play and do business. How do we avoid its real-world security risks and pitfalls?

Virgil Griffith jailed; Indian exchanges disable UPI

Welcome to The Daily Forkast – April 13, 2022 – Presented by Megha Chaddah. Coming up on today’s show: Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith gets 63 months in prison. Coinbase snafu sets cat among the crypto pigeons in India. Huawei becomes latest of China’s tech giants to issue NFTs.  We’ll have more on those stories […]

Bitcoin follows blue chips south amid market turmoil

Top blockchain and crypto news: Market contagion hits crypto. Ethereum developer pays price for bad Korea move. China whacks more crypto miners.

Coinbase snafu sets the cat among the crypto pigeons in India

Coinbase’s showcasing of support by government-backed National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) set the ball rolling on the cryptocurrency exchange being yanked from the ubiquitous Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Indian taxes hit trading; Bored Apes movie debut

India’s crypto tax continues to break the crypto industry’s back. Meanwhile, Bored Apes are set to have a movie debut.

How Southeast Asia’s NFT ecosystem lifts up local artists

Providing access to global customers and higher income, NFTs are changing lives in some of the poorest places in the world, writes Katherine Ng of TZ APAC.

MobiKwik pulls crypto support; Twitter NFT hacker strikes again

In India, Mobikwik yanks crypto support. Meanwhile in the cyberspace, a Twitter hack promotes a fake NFT drop.

Why fears of a market bubble don’t apply to Bitcoin

Crypto market downturns can dredge up bad memories of ICOs. What lessons can investors learn from the past — and how is Bitcoin different?

Does the NFT correction foreshadow a nascent comeback?

The market for non-fungible tokens soared, then slumped. That doesn’t worry Spores Network’s Duc Luu, who’s betting on brands to fuel its future growth.

Coinbase India setback; Hong Kong’s Bitcoin ATMs

Coinbase’s launch in India is off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, Bitcoin ATMs grow in Hong Kong.

Goldman forecasts inflation peak, as NFTs charm its clients

NFTs are seen as investments rather than aesthetic collectibles to Goldman clients, while the investment bank struggles to distinguish blue chip projects from the pretenders.

Bitcoin ATMs face existential threat in Hong Kong

Authorities in Hong Kong moving to block retail investors from accessing non-derivative crypto products could undermine the presence of Bitcoin ATMs in the city with the most crypto ATMs in Asia.

Opensea’s Solana beta begins; Binance bails out Sky Mavis

Chinese state media calls for stronger regulations of NFTs. Meanwhile, Sky Mavis raises $150M to offset Ronin hack.

SEC comes around on Bitcoin ETFs

Oversight by the American commodities regulator of the Bitcoin futures ETF by Teucrium helped with the SEC approval.

Why gamers dislike NFTs — and what might turn them around

Would gamers and developers still feel disdain for NFTs if companies used blockchain technology differently? Will Deane explores the possibilities.

FastForkast headlines

India’s crypto shakedown be damned, CoinDCX raises $135 million

Hyundai Motor drives into metaverse branding with Meta Kongz NFT project

China’s largest broadcaster’s NFT series becomes a trilogy

Binance closer to Thai business as Gulf Energy greenlights joint venture

North Korea behind Ronin hack: US

Andre Cronje: Crypto needs regulation

Terra Luna headlines crypto’s Easter resurrection, STEPN peaks

Blockchain, metaverse important for India’s growth: MP

Former Chinese central bank chief says digital yuan is for retail transactions

China launches metaverse lab

Xiamen issues China’s first blockchain-based commemorative subway ticket

Bitcoin mining difficulty drops amid market turmoil

India’s crypto exchanges switch to P2P, bank transfers

Chinese state media calls for wider e-CNY adoption

Chinese Communist Party paper to “develop” NFTs

Circle raises $400 mln, teams up with BlackRock to develop USDC

Stablecoins gain amid stormy crypto market in Q1: CoinGecko

Japan’s messenger app LINE launches NFT marketplace

China museum chief fences cultural relics from NFTs

Hic Hic Hurray! Scottish distillery Ardbeg to release limited-edition whiskey NFTs

OpenSea sales volume drops as challengers boast user rewards

Crypto liquidity aggregator FLUID raises US$10 million

China’s industry lobbies join NFT bashing chorus

DTCC unveils prototype to support Fed-issued digital dollar

Chinese tech giant Huawei debuts NFTs

Meta starts letting creators ‘monetize’ metaverse under test run

Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith gets 63 months in prison

SHIB price pumps on Robinhood listing with SOL, MATIC, COMP

SFC allows HK’s MaiCapital to manage 100% digital-assets portfolio

Web 3.0 startups’ latest backer is a US$150 mln fund from Cosmos founders

Ethereum PoS move is now being tested on a mainnet shadow fork

India tax breaks crypto’s back

T Scientific to acquire 60% of S.Korean crypto exchange Hanbitco for $19.5 mln

China’s Xpeng joins the bandwagon in selling NFTs on Alibaba

Need for Speed gets Hong Kong’s Animoca in driver’s seat

Bored Apes set for movie debut with Coinbase

Twitter hacker takes over verified accounts to promote fake Azuki NFT drop

China seizes over 3,500 Bitcoin mining rigs, hikes electricity rates

China’s Sichuan province launches NFT marketplace

Indian e-wallet provider MobiKwik yanks crypto support

Solana NFT sales gain pace after quiet OpenSea listing

South Korea’s ‘crypto friendly’ president seeks STO, IEO oversight

Binance wins Abu Dhabi nod for another MENA outpost

Terra buys US$200 mln AVAX to back UST, promote cross-chain development

Jack Mallers’ Strike to bring Bitcoin shopping to Shopify 

Coinbase’s India launch hits road bump

First S.Korean bank issues crypto accounts for corporations

e-CNY now a payment option on WeChat Pay in all pilot areas

Solana NFT sales drop by 21% after OpenSea integration

China’s Communist Party wants to regulate NFTs

Bitcoin down amid crypto carnival in Miami

Sky Mavis raises $150 mln to offset Ronin hack, Axie NFT sales surge more than 350%