Seoul is launching a closed test run of the first stage of its metaverse project on Wednesday.

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Fast facts

  • The test run will feature the virtual reconstruction of Seoul city hall and the Seoul Plaza, where participants can participate in interactive activities and games.
  • It also features a virtual counseling room for youth – where they can meet and discuss their concerns with mentors in the metaverse — the city explains this will help ease apprehensions of feeling uncomfortable speaking to a potential mentor in person.
  • The soft open will have around 3,200 participants from Seoul Learn, the city’s online learning platform and experts from Seoul IT Tech Governance Group.
  • The first stage of Metaverse Seoul is planned to officially launch at the end of November this year.
  • The official launch of the first stage will include digital services that citizens can apply and receive various proof documents, and a metaverse complaint center with a live chat service.
  • Last year, Seoul announced a five-year plan to recreate the city in the metaverse in three stages.

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