US sanctions Russian darknet market; Indian MP’s crypto warning

South Korea’s Kakao Group acquires SEBC. Meanwhile in India, an MP reveals the government’s plans for the crypto industry,

Will London be Europe’s next crypto capital?

Top blockchain and cryptocurrency news: Britain’s crypto gamble. WAVES crashing. China’s big digital yuan push.

What is the metaverse and are we already living inside it?

The metaverse is envisioned as the next iteration of the internet, introducing an immersive digital universe. Find out what this means for the future of our online lives — beyond all the marketing hype — in this Forkast.News explainer.

Could CBDCs help banks make DeFi irrelevant?

Unregulated and fragmented, DeFi remains niche, writes John Mitchell of Episode Six. Here’s how programmable money can help banks do what decentralized finance is doing.

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Our virtual and in-person events bring people together to join conversations that matter. Previous Events Crypto Rising CBDCS & Stablecoins: The Asia Perspective We are in a history defining moment where money is evolving. It’s not easy to replicate cash, and central bankers around the world face unique challenges. The U.S. is softening up to […]


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India to make life hell for crypto investors: MP

India needs to discourage people from investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, a senior MP from the ruling party told Forkast in an exclusive interview.

How Bitcoin could become the collateral layer for the digital asset economy

Bitcoin is now a reserve asset for Terra’s UST. What does this portend for the $186 billion stablecoins market?

DBS U-turns crypto trading plans; China expands e-CNY trials

DBS Bank reverses its crypto-trading decision. Meanwhile, China continues to expand e-CNY trial.

Is Singapore retreating from its global crypto hub ambitions?

Singapore’s approach may seem increasingly anti-crypto to some, but not to those tracking its policies closely. Danny Chong of Tranchess explains what’s going on.

Yi He: Binance will take the arrows for industry compliance, security

Pioneers take arrows. No one knows it better than Binance. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume wants to set the industry standard when it comes to compliance and security as past missteps hold it in good stead.

Calling a spade a spade holds Binance’s lesser known cofounder in good stead

As the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange battles the onslaught of regulators globally, cofounder Yi He is stepping out of the shadows to help steer the company.

How decentralization is making everyone their own CEO

The emancipatory promise of decentralization has been both evangelized and excoriated. The Algorand Foundation’s Jason Lee explains why we should be believers.

China’s e-CNY push; India’s crypto tax kicks in

India’s long-awaited crypto tax comes into effect. Meanwhile, China expands the digital yuan program.

NFT buyers dip for a second straight month

In contrast to the rising crypto market, NFT sales have declined significantly in March, but one industry watcher says there’s no need to panic just yet.

China’s WeChat bans NFT accounts; Zilliqa token soars

NFTs accounts banned from WeChat due to “crypto speculation”. Meanwhile, Zilliqa on the rise after Metapolis announcement.

How women artists are bridging the NFT gender gap

Despite the promises of decentralized technology, women remain vastly underrepresented in the NFT art world. Forkast talks to artists working to change that.

Should Tether’s shrinking cash reserves be cause for investor worry?

USDT, the world’s largest stablecoin, is now backed by much smaller cash reserves than before. XREX analyzes the risks.

Alibaba invests in AR; Ronin Network hacked

Alibaba makes a $60M metaverse bet on AR glasses maker Nreal. Meanwhile, Axie’s Ronin blockchain gets hacked.

Is Dubai the new crypto promised land?

Top blockchain and cryptocurrency news: Dubai’s crypto caravan. Mt. Gox unlocked. Digital yuan in play again.

Lessons learned from my five years of building blockchain

DLT projects are defined by their network effects, writes Donald Thibeau of HBAR Foundation. Here’s why open networks and community are critical for success.

Binance wants to play ball with regulators

Binance is racing to anchor its sprawling global operations as regulators in China, where it was founded in 2017, go after firms for lax know-your-customer practices.

UAE becoming crypto hub; India’s tax bogeyman

The UAE is becoming the new crypto hub of the world. Meanwhile in India, high crypto taxes are scaring away young investors.

Like it or not, blockchain and P2E will disrupt the traditional gaming space

Despite criticisms of play-to-earn games, blockchain innovations are here to stay and represent gaming’s future, writes William Wu of Catheon Gaming.

India’s tax bogeyman is scaring off young crypto investors

The country’s attempt to profit from digital asset gains puts off new investors to the asset class, even as existing ones redeploy funds into traditional assets.

Ukraine’s NFT museum; Bitcoin on the up.

Ukraine launches its NFT Museum of War. Meanwhile, Bitcoin passes $47,000 mark.

Ransomware attacks are growing in sophistication. What can stop them?

Aided by crypto like Monero, ransomware crimes are on the rise globally, writes Srinivas Mukkamala of Ivanti. Android users are especially vulnerable.

FastForkast headlines

Binance.US valued at $4.5B following first seed round

FTX, Tiger Global invest $350M in Near protocol

Former Hong Kong finance Tsar to launch NFTs

China’s Shandong TV to build NFT marketplace

Lightning Labs raises $70m to bring stablecoins to Bitcoin

Lamborghini’s last all-gas Aventador to be auctioned with NFT

South Korea’s Kakao to buy into Japanese crypto exchange

Russian darknet Hydra, crypto exchange Garantex sanctioned by U.S.

Singapore tightens regulations on crypto, again

UK to regulate stablecoins for payments in crypto hub push

Indonesia levies 0.1% VAT, income tax on crypto

Crypto staking provider RockX raises $6M in Series A funding

Ronin hack proceeds seen headed to Tornado Cash

DBS Bank slams brakes on retail crypto trading

New owner gives Pudgy Penguins NFTs happy feet

China’s digital yuan is now in 23 cities

Ronin hack delays Axie Infinity upgrade

BNY Mellon to become custodian for USDC reserves

South Korean banks seek green light on crypto

China’s digital yuan expands to five more cities

Crypto tax in India is now a reality 

Binance signs on as Grammys’ official crypto exchange partner

European Union to track all crypto transfers

Wormhole to bridge Polkadot, Kusama to Ethereum, Solana

WeChat bans NFT accounts, citing ‘crypto speculation’

India’s financial stability at risk from cryptos: IMF

Metapolis’ Zilliqa surges 80% over 24 hours, outpacing Solana’s OpenSea integration

Indian district issues caste certificates on Polygon

Indian MP proposes raising crypto tax higher than 30%

Alibaba makes $60M metaverse bet on AR glasses firm Nreal

Hong Kong Exchange to trial digital assets trading in ‘Diamond’ pilot

DeFi lender Aave’s token has surged over 80% since V3 launch

OpenSea’s Solana NFT integration, long rumored, is now real

India’s biggest telecom firm latches onto metaverse

Axie Infinity blockchain Ronin hacked for over $600M

Terra’s US$10 billion Bitcoin Bet Sends LUNA to Record High

Gaming fintech firm enables Bitcoin tips for streamers

Xiamen reveals plan to bolster its metaverse, NFT-related firms, Bybit book tickets to Dubai to set up UAE bases

Mastercard partners with Australia’s BTC Markets for payment options

Bitcoin ETF rejection could trigger Greyscale to sue the SEC

Binance US on track for IPO

ASX blockchain upgrade delayed for fourth time

World of Women Galaxy NFTs sell out in 3 days