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Josh Katz

Josh Katz is the New York-based CEO and founder of YellowHeart, an NFT marketplace for ticketing, music and community tokens. Josh began his career at Arista Records and Jive Records, working with artists like the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. In 2004, Katz founded El Media Group, a company providing music for the hospitality industry, retail brands and venues like Nobu. In 2017, Josh decided to marry his love for music with a new passion for crypto and launched YellowHeart. The company was the first to release an NFT album and tickets on the blockchain with Kings of Leon and has since partnered with such artists as Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, Jerry Garcia and ZHU.

August 2022

How Web3 can reduce concert ticket fraud and clean up the industry

The $65-billion event ticketing industry is riddled with skulduggery, but NFT technology can transform it for the common good, writes Josh Katz of Yellowheart.