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Beyond Ethereum – NFT Legacy for Blockchain | NFT Moments in History Ep. 12

Forkast x CryptoSlam! are proud to present Moments in NFT History — an explainer video series hosted by Forkast’s Joel Flynn that gives you a front-row seat to history-in-the-making.

When it comes to technology, few things in history could claim to be as significant as the automobile. It redefined the idea of movement and opened up new horizons for the whole world.

But as the 21st century has witnessed, more and more of our lives move online, and you’d be forgiven for thinking less travel may mean saving a penny or two on something like gas.

Yet for blockchain and NFTs in particular, the cost of moving things digitally has been one of the defining questions.

Watch and learn more about “gas fees” and moving assets in the blockchain and NFTs. 

What you will learn:

  • What gas fees in the Ethereum chain mean for NFT transactions.
  • What were the issues of transacting with Ethereum.
  • What are the alternatives to Ethereum.