Tencent has launched an extended reality (XR) division, local media reported on Tuesday, citing Steven Ma, the senior vice president of the Chinese tech giant’s gaming arm Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG). 

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Fast facts

  • Tencent will develop “benchmark” products for virtual reality (VR) experiences over the next four to five years, including trials in software, game content, operating systems, software development kits and hardware, Ma said. 
  • The unit is expected to expand to a 300-staff department, according to anonymous sources quoted by Reuters.
  • Tencent’s XR division will be led by IEG’s game developer NExT Studios, which is known for its non-commercialized games such as “Nishan Shaman” and “Death Coming,” Chinese game media Jinghe reported in May.
  • Chinese tech giants, including Alibaba, ByteDance, Baidu and NetEase have been racing to conquer the metaverse through related ventures like VR, augmented reality, or launching their own metaverse platforms. 

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