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NBA Top Shot: Dapper Labs’ slam dunk NFT | NFT Moments in History Ep. 9

Forkast x CryptoSlam! are proud to present Moments in NFT History — an explainer video series hosted by Forkast’s Joel Flynn that gives you a front-row seat to history-in-the-making.

We’ve talked about NFTs being turned into sports memorabilia, but what comes after?

Well, in this episode, we are quite literally talking about epic sports moments.

Moments turned into NFTs by one of the most significant collaborations in the world of blockchain, between the NBA, and giants of their own world, Dapper Labs.

Watch and learn more about how once again sports meets NFT.

What you will learn:

  • Why Ethereum wasn’t used for the NBA Top Shot NFT.
  • How capturing sports moments as NFTs impact the use case of NFTs.
  • What this partnership means for sports fans and the NFT industry.