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June 2022

Cool with the rules: Why the crypto sector should embrace regulation

The prospect of tighter codes for the crypto industry has given some players the jitters. Others, such as’s Eric Anziani, see it as an opportunity.

Singapore warms up to crypto industry — on its own terms

Crypto companies have voted with their feet in response to the city-state’s restrictions on their business. But they are still keeping an eye on opportunities.

Why blockchain gaming needs more rules and regulations

The right balance of regulations can better protect gaming companies’ intellectual property as well as players’ assets, writes Henry Chang of Wemade.

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Prosecutor OKs arrest of Chinese executive accused of embezzling US$8 mln to mine Bitcoin

South Korea to launch crypto oversight committee after Terra crash

June 2022

Gimme shelter: Crypto companies head offshore as they hanker for regulation

A developmental shift in the cryptocurrency industry is ushering in geographical shifts among crypto companies, with a number of businesses abandoning locations once hailed as crypto hubs in favor of jurisdictions with regulatory regimes more to their liking.  Forkast sat down with two of the crypto industry’s rainmakers who are among those spearheading this trend […]

Terra plunges back to earth as UST stablecoin loses dollar peg

Top blockchain and crypto news: UST knocked out of Luna orbit. Making NFTs Instagrammable. China’s black market ‘digital collectibles’ trade.

How tokenization could transform Hong Kong’s fixed income markets

Tokenizing capital markets could offer greater efficiency and liquidity. How would that work in Hong Kong’s regulatory environment?

China’s diktat against NFT flipping spawns an ingenious industry

Despite Beijing’s rhetoric against speculation in non-fungible tokens, some in mainland China are trading on WeChat groups, spawning an industry that caters to the fervor over the asset class.

Otherdeeds NFT sale puts Ethereum scalability in glaring spotlight

Top blockchain and crypto news: Otherdeeds debacle stings with gas fee spike. Algorand scores World Cup deal. Will China be forced to embrace Bitcoin?

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South Korea to launch crypto oversight committee after Terra crash

Crypto crash justifies RBI’s stance: central bank chief

Terra, UST collapse pushes G-7 call for swift crypto regulation

Binance looks to add Germany to its license collection

Indian financial watchdog warns against celebrity crypto endorsements

S.Korean lawmaker proposes summoning Do Kwon to the National Assembly

South Korean authorities cite LUNA debacle to call for speedier crypto oversight

South Korea hopes to institutionalize crypto by 2024

Terra’s UST fiasco cited by Yellen, who warns about stablecoins

SEC places Chinese crypto mining rig maker Canaan on pre-delisting list

President-elect’s crypto plans disappoint S.Korean fintech groups

Binance bags its first European license in France

Kazakhstan orders Bitcoin miners to file status reports

May 2022

No love for Putin. Binance denies sharing data with Russia

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, denied sharing client data with Russian authorities, following a Reuters investigation into the exchange’s ties with the country.

A marathon not a sprint: How the US can win the digital asset race

Joe Biden’s executive order on crypto has put America on course for solid success in the digital asset space, says the Blockchain Association’s Kristin Smith.

Dubai could be crypto’s promised land, Citi says

Dubai and neighboring Abu Dhabi have been on a tear when it comes to crypto service providers moving the core of their operations there.

NFT marketplaces responsible for keeping fakes out, Chinese court rules

Under Chinese copyright law, the court ruled a marketplace’s failure to ensure the uniqueness of an NFT constituted aiding infringement.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Singapore tightens crypto oversight

A desire to stay in line with global anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism norms is forcing the city state’s hand when it comes to regulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

Resist the temptation on NFTs, Chinese state-backed developer says

In an exclusive interview with Forkast, the head of government-founded Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) cautioned against packaging NFTs as investment products despite the temptation to profit off the euphoria.

Bitcoin ATMs face existential threat in Hong Kong

Authorities in Hong Kong moving to block retail investors from accessing non-derivative crypto products could undermine the presence of Bitcoin ATMs in the city with the most crypto ATMs in Asia.

SEC comes around on Bitcoin ETFs

Oversight by the American commodities regulator of the Bitcoin futures ETF by Teucrium helped with the SEC approval.

Is Singapore retreating from its global crypto hub ambitions?

Singapore’s approach may seem increasingly anti-crypto to some, but not to those tracking its policies closely. Danny Chong of Tranchess explains what’s going on.

Yi He: Binance will take the arrows for industry compliance, security

Pioneers take arrows. No one knows it better than Binance. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume wants to set the industry standard when it comes to compliance and security as past missteps hold it in good stead.

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Kazakhstan orders Bitcoin miners to file status reports

Crypto regulation has to ‘take its time’: India FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Kraken gets Abu Dhabi nod to offer full services in MENA

Binance may set up shop in G-7 country in Europe, says founder CZ

Binance hires former British regulator for compliance role

S.Korea eyes restraints on crypto unicorn Dunamu over monopoly concerns

Binance.US wins license in Puerto Rico to fuel growth

Andre Cronje: Crypto needs regulation

China’s industry lobbies join NFT bashing chorus

Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith gets 63 months in prison

China’s Communist Party wants to regulate NFTs

Singapore tightens regulations on crypto, again

UK to regulate stablecoins for payments in crypto hub push

South Korean banks seek green light on crypto

European Union to track all crypto transfers

April 2022

Mt. Gox may return Bitcoin worth over $6 billion, Karpeles says

The Japanese trustee for Mt. Gox is likely to distribute the remaining trove of Bitcoins held by the defunct cryptocurrency exchange sooner than later, former CEO Mark Karpeles tells Jake Adelstein in an exclusive interview for Forkast.

Killing it softly or regulating to innovate? India at the crypto crossroads

India’s crypto tax represents both a threat to the industry and an opportunity to create a regulatory framework to support it, says Polygon’s Jaynti Kanani.

DeFi, NFT access at stake as FATF travel rule takes effect in South Korea

Flexibility allowed in new rule requiring crypto companies to comply with anti-money laundering guidelines leads to some confusion.

Indonesia’s crypto scene is booming. What are the risks?

Crypto’s growing popularity is also leading to more fraud and abuses, writes Ronald Molenaar of ADVANCE.AI. What can be done to better protect users?

China lashes out at crypto fraud on World Consumer Rights Day

No more Burger King, Nike and Muji. This year’s annual focus on marketplace abuse names and shames crypto scams.

A crypto bull wins the presidency: What it means for South Korea

ICOs, revamped taxation, and investor protection reverse a past crypto reluctance under the incoming administration.

China discusses the metaverse; Blockchain community comes together

As China’s Two Session’s meetings begin, ‘Metaverse’ enters the Chinese government’s radar. And while the invasion of Ukraine continues, Singapore announces new sanctions on Russia.

‘Metaverse’ enters government radar at China’s Two Sessions

Regulation is urgently needed to govern data security and curb speculation as the metaverse industry develops, delegates say.

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European Union to track all crypto transfers

S.Korea tosses travel rule private wallet compliance to exchanges

Thailand bans Bitcoin and crypto payments

Malaysia ministry: adopt crypto as legal tender to engage the young

Australia may regulate DAOs under senator’s proposed act

New crypto regulation — including tax reform — coming to Australia

S.Korean crypto industry calls for local language white papers

Binance wins crypto license in Dubai days after FTX

Binance wins license in Bahrain, explores acquisition of Brazilian brokerage

Ripple proposes S. Korea distinguish between cryptocurrencies for regulatory clarity

UK regulator may cancel Eqonex’s registration over Binance, Bifinity ties

March 2022

India needs to make up its mind over crypto

Although India hoped that taxation would be a step toward regulation rather than a ban, the high tax rates and proposed rules seem to be geared toward dissuading crypto trading.

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UK regulator may cancel Eqonex’s registration over Binance, Bifinity ties

Law can’t cover crypto losses, China court reiterates

Israel added to Binance’s list of global regulatory trouble spots

Biden to order crypto oversight: report