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Nick Saponaro

Nick Saponaro is the Los Angeles-based CEO of Divi Labs, developers of a decentralized crypto financial services platform. Nick started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013, but his crypto career began straight out of high school when he started a custom PC business that built rigs for gaming and Bitcoin mining. He joined Divi in 2017 as a full-stack developer and was invited to become a cofounder. In 2019 he became Divi’s chief information officer, and in 2021 he was promoted to CEO.

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November 2022

FTX is crypto’s Lehman Bros. moment. What happens now?

Unlike the 2008 crash, the government won’t be bailing out FTX’s investors, writes Nick Saponaro of Divi Labs. Will regulators see this as a cue to crack down on exchanges?

October 2022

How Europe’s MiCA can pave the way for crypto’s revival

Europe’s new MiCA framework for regulating crypto shows the good that can happen when government works with and not against the industry, writes Nick Saponaro of Divi Labs.

September 2022

If the UK wants to become a crypto hub, it must do better

Britain’s internal divisions could thwart its crypt ambitions, writes Nick Saponaro of Divi Labs. Will it be eclipsed by crypto-friendly Dubai?

June 2022

Crypto self-custody is no longer a choice. It’s an imperative.

Celsius and Babel Finance’s freezing of customer accounts highlights the risks of intermediaries, writes Nick Saponaro. Crypto users should take back control.

February 2022

Binance’s investment in Forbes is a wake-up call for the crypto industry

When the world’s biggest crypto exchange acquires a major stake in the business publication it once sued for defamation, should we worry?