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June 2021

Bye-bye, Binance. Elon Musk spawns Floki Shiba Inu craze. Tickets for tokens in China.

Top blockchain and cryptocurrency news: Binance bounced out of Britain. Musk moves Shiba Inu prices again. China’s digital currency gets ready to roll.

Chinese cities roll out digital yuan to public transport networks

Adoption of e-CNY for urban transport networks marks first step in wider introduction of state-backed digital money.

Special Series, Part 3: Digital dragons and digital dollars

In the last installment of a 3-part series on blockchain in Asia, Forkast.News examines: Everyone knows money has value. But does it also have ‘values’?
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What kind of new regulation can help Australia become a global crypto hub?

Through tomorrow, a Senate committee is taking public comments on how best to make Australia into a global crypto leader and fintech hub.

Special Series, Part 2: China lays digital groundwork for a new Silk Road

How China’s deployment of the digital yuan intertwines economics with geopolitics and concrete with virtual infrastructure, from Cambodia to the Caribbean.
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China’s crypto miners eye Kazakhstan in exodus; e-HKD study on track | The Daily Forkast

Kazakhstan is quickly becoming a mining hotspot as China’s mining exodus settles down. In Hong Kong, and update on the e-HKD.

Special series, Part 1: China bets on the blockchain

Long before most governments, the Asian superpower saw the potential in Bitcoin’s technology to spawn the next internet and a new form of money.
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Bitcoin not ideal for cyber crime, says Filecoin Foundation chair

Bitcoin was recovered by the FBI from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyber criminals DarkSide, sparking privacy concerns around cryptocurrencies.

SEC seeks to stop Ripple from calling ex-SEC director for XRP testimony

SEC does not want its former head of Corporation Finance to testify or answer question about XRP. Who is William Hinman — and what might he tell Ripple?

What will Ethereum’s London hard fork do as an upgrade?

A major Ethereum upgrade via London hard fork — which experts call a ‘seismic shift’ for the industry — is coming soon. Are ‘Ethereum killers’ doomed?

China sets out stall with digital yuan. Here comes the sales pitch

Urged on by the authorities, banks have wasted little time in putting e-CNY infrastructure in place, but now comes the hard part — getting people to use it.

Bitcoin: Follow the money. Titan goes Titan-ic. China’s footloose miners.

Top blockchain and cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin’s still winning. Titan’s troubles as a teachable moment. Beijing creates a crypto mining diaspora.

What lies ahead for CBDCs, Bitcoin and other digital currencies?

In a new report, Bank for International Settlements extols central bank digital currency (CBDC) as the future of money. Will CBDCs replace Bitcoin someday?

Bitcoin price rebounds after falling below $30K for first time in 6 months

After a spate of bad news, Bitcoin’s price tumbled to its lowest level this year before climbing back up to $34,000. Where are BTC prices likely to go next?

What is Ethereum, and could it become the future of blockchain?

Ethereum is much more than a cryptocurrency, and it has already attracted huge interest among investors. What’s all the fuss about? Forkast.News explains.

New crypto mining hot spots emerge; Korea crypto controversy escalates | The Daily Forkast

The next generation of mining hot spots are shaping out in the aftermath of China’s mining exodus as Upbit’s delisting generates new enemies.

Iron Finance’s DeFi bank run — and how Mark Cuban got ‘rekt’

Iron Finance, once a DeFi darling, went from billions to bust in a day. Should investors have seen the crash coming? How stable are algorithmic stablecoins?

Cash for CBDCs at Beijing ATMs; Asia sees new unicorn in Amber Group | The Daily Forkast

CBDC ATMs appear around Beijing and Hong Kong-based Amber Group is Asia’s billion dollar unicorn after raising US$100 million in its Series B.

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fall: Is the crypto market in an over-leveraged bubble?

Against a backdrop of El Salvador’s BTC boosts, famed investor Michael Burry warns about a crypto price bubble and China intensifies its crypto clampdown.

As Shanghai gives away digital yuan, we hit the streets with a man spending it

Money may be easy to part with when it’s free, but as Shanghai’s first experimental e-CNY giveaway shows, it’s not so easy finding shops to take it.

Bitcoin price dips but BTC dominance rises with US inflation fears

Bitcoin sheds 4% but BTC’s share of the total crypto market grows after US Fed projects higher inflation and plans interest hikes earlier than expected.

How Singapore and Cambodia see digital currencies for cross-border use

In a recent conference, central bankers from Cambodia and Singapore discuss how digital currencies are transforming existing payment systems for the better.

Survival race of SK exchanges; Ethereum powers digital passports in HK | The Daily Forkast

50 crypto exchanges apply for ISMS in South Korea while Hong Kong sees the birth of a blockchain passport for Covid vaccinations.

Bitcoin bounces back. Criminals choose crypto. Chinese mining redoubt faces scrutiny.

Top blockchain and crypto news: Bitcoin finds fresh favor in Global South. Why would hackers demand a Bitcoin ransom? Chinese miners eye Yunnan probe.

What is yield farming in DeFi and how does it work?

One of DeFi’s hottest trends, yield farming can bring riches but is not for crypto beginners or those who can’t afford to lose. Forkast.News explains why.

FastForkast headlines

Institutional investors appear to cool on Bitcoin, data suggest

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb dismisses ‘listing fee’ claims

China’s Agricultural Bank launches fintech center in ‘smart city’ of Xiong’an

Ethereum’s institutional outflows hit record US$50M, CoinShares data says

Mexican finance minister reiterates crypto ban after bank unveils Bitcoin plan

Bitcoin hashrate falls to lowest in 22 months amid China mining clampdown

Singapore central bank joins IMF, World Bank to push state digital currencies

Hong Kong to press ahead with digital dollar, e-CNY plans

Lawmaker clarifies Paraguay won’t try to make Bitcoin legal tender

Shiba Inu price jumps 25% after Elon Musk throws new Twitter bone on dog

Crypto exchange Gemini buys carbon offsets, pledges carbon-neutrality

Palestine looks to launch central bank digital currency

Tesla, Facebook and Netflix stock tokens launch on Solana blockchain

Bitcoin ETFs start trading on Brazil, Dubai stock exchanges

Israeli central bank tests digital shekel using Ethereum

Survey: 32% of novice traders only invested in crypto in past year

Australian auction house begins accepting crypto for all items

Court grants Ripple access to SEC’s internal trading policies on XRP

Bitcoin mining rig maker Canaan breaks ground in Kazakhstan

Report: US cryptocurrency crimes surging by 300% a year

Polkadot DeFi hub Acala’s Karura network wins first Kusama auction

French central bank, SEBA Bank wrap CBDC securities settlement test

Bearish crypto sentiment focused on Bitcoin, CoinShares says

Sotheby’s will accept Bitcoin and Ether for 101-carat diamond auction

Iran bans blockchain association, citing regulatory breaches

Over 3,000 ATMs in Beijing now support digital yuan withdrawals

CoinShares partners with Germany’s Finanzen Zero on crypto ETPs

Bitcoin hashrate plunges as Chinese crypto mining crackdown hits Sichuan

Paraguay may adopt Bitcoin as lawmaker seeks to follow El Salvador

U.S. securities watchdog’s regulatory agenda turns blind eye to crypto

MSCI to launch cryptocurrency index

Grayscale eyes 13 more crypto assets including Polygon, Bancor

Angry Aussie crypto investors eye Binance class action

U.S. Republican Party to accept donations in cryptocurrency

El Salvador feels confused over salary payments in Bitcoin

India reviews cryptocurrency ‘ban’ legislation

R3 and ASEAN network partner on CBDC sandbox for banks and fintechs

Coinbase Pro adds Shiba Inu, Chiliz and Keep, causing prices to spike

Court denies SEC request for info on Ripple’s recent XRP transactions

ConsenSys, Hong Kong university launch Ethereum-powered Covid passport

Input Output Hong Kong announces launch of AlonzoBlue2.0 testnet

Ethereum sees record institutional outflows of US$12.7M

Bitcoin mining difficulty drops twice in a row to new 2021 low

African P2P Bitcoin trading roars ahead of other regions

Court gives Ripple execs go-ahead to obtain XRP info from 16 foreign exchanges

El Salvador’s BTC remittances in May quadruple from last year

China reveals e-CNY wallet specifications