Cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine through government and private channels have topped US$36 million as contributions continue to mount throughout the Russian invasion. 

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Fast facts

  • The Ukrainian government has received 113 BTC and 2,001 ETH, totaling almost US$10 million, as of press time.
  • Binance has pledged US$10 million to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Effort while launching a crypto-first crowdfunding effort that has received at least 155 BTC (US$6 million) in donations.
  • An NGO Come Back Alive raising funds for the Ukrainian military has received 181 BTC (US$7 million), though its Patreon account for fiat donations shut down for violating the platform’s policy over military fundraising.
  • Almost 2,000 people have made a joint bid worth 1279 ETH (US$3.3 million) on an NFT of the Ukrainian flag auctioned by UkraineDAO, an organization established in part by a member of famed Russian feminist rock band, Pussy Riot.
  • Crypto’s role in the invasion has been evolving as donations flood in, including being offered as rewards for surrendering Russian soldiers.
  • Social media users have identified scammers exploiting the crisis to solicit donations to personal wallet addresses. 

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