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Pascal Hügli

Pascal Hügli is the chief researcher at Insight DeFi, a Swiss research boutique. They publish a bi-monthly newsletter in German as well as an English podcast. At the same time, he is an accredited lecturer at HWZ and CCFE, and author of the book “Ignore at Your Own Risk: The New Decentralized World of Bitcoin and Blockchain.”

June 2022

Crypto buyers in emerging economies find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place

Cryptocurrencies can offer citizens in emerging economies a potential buffer against runaway inflation and financial mismanagement by governments. But buying them increasingly means navigating onerous regulations and punishing taxes.

April 2022

Why are stablecoins overwhelmingly backed by the US dollar?

Stablecoins are taking the world by storm and it’s the US dollar that outweighs any other fiat-backed cryptocurrency. What are the reasons for the greenback’s dominance?

February 2022

Is Bitcoin really a hedge against inflation?

Bitcoin’s recent slumps have been coupled with macroeconomic activities, bringing its status as an inflation hedge into question.