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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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March 2022

Metaverse NFT projects boom as Meta ignores blockchain

It’s been a booming time for the NFT market, and as data from CryptoSlam shows, there has been particular interest in metaverse projects recently.

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Crypto market gained $200B in the last 12 hours

March 2022

Here’s why Australia can’t use its empty deserts to mine Bitcoin

Sunny skies and wide open spaces may seem the perfect place to mine Bitcoin using cheap solar power, but one industry insider tells Forkast there’s much more to it than that.

Meta showcases focus on AI, announces new voice assistant program

The brand has long centered around connecting people and seems determined to carry that branding to its next stage as a metaverse company.

Jump in NFT demand reflects crypto prices, right? Wrong

An asset bought and valued in crypto becomes decoupled from crypto prices, a split that reflects the differences between crypto investors and NFT buyers.

Crypto market rebound is short-lived as Russia tensions loom

Investor relief at last week’s slight market rebound gave way to concerns over military tensions in Ukraine, sending crypto and traditional markets reeling.

Bitcoin’s 30-day performance shows it’s not just another tech stock

As Bitcoin’s price movement began to mirror that of traditional markets, some likened it to tech stocks. Its recent price action shows otherwise.

‘All eyes are on it:’ CryptoPunks at center of copyright legal dispute

The biggest-selling NFT collection of all time has two competing versions, threatening to undermine the value of the tokens and faith in the industry itself.

Memecoins prove their staying power, despite industry skepticism

Last weekend’s rally shows there is still life left in memecoins. Industry insiders weigh in on where they stand in the long run.

Year’s biggest rally pushes crypto market cap above $2 trillion

After a poor start to the year, the market needed some good news. Industry watchers urge caution.

Wash trading in NFT marketplace LooksRare can inflate prices: analysts

While sales volumes on NFT marketplaces thrive, new data show much of this comes from manipulating sales — painting the whole industry in a different light.

Australian Aboriginal sovereign CBDC up and running

In a first for the country, the Sovereign Yidindji Government in Australia has issued a CBDC with its first transaction occurring this week.

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Crypto market gained $200B in the last 12 hours

Binance may join sanctions imposed on Russian targets

Top NFT game Axie Infinity generated $1.3B in revenue last year

Tether slashes commercial paper, shows more reserves than liabilities

BAYC NFT owner sues OpenSea for $1M over hack

Axie Infinity becomes first NFT series to break $4B in sales

LooksRare trails OpenSea in sales volume as developers cash out $30M

OpenSea CEO: $1.7M phishing not from the NFT marketplace

Bitcoin leads market-wide downturn as Russia fears rise

Australia’s NRL latest sporting league to ink crypto sponsorship

US NFT trademarks increase by 420-fold in 2021: report

Crypto assets, stablecoins pose risk to global financial stability: FSB

Warren Buffett invests $1B in Bitcoin-friendly Nubank

Super Bowl ad blitz not enough for exchanges to top Binance sales

Crypto exchanges compete in Super Bowl ad blitz

EU to introduce bill next year to plan a digital euro

OpenSea delists CryptoPunks V1 after DMCA notice from Larva Labs

Shiba Inu metaverse tease fuels 60% price boost

Web 3.0 developer Alchemy reaches $10B valuation

Dogecoin, Shiba lead memecoin pack in market rally

Number of unique NFT buyers soars to all-time high in January

Solana DeFi avoids meltdown as Wormhole loss replaced

Aussie mining billionaire files suit against Meta over crypto ads

Another NFT marketplace launches ‘vampire attack’ against OpenSea

Thailand scraps proposed 15% crypto withholding tax after backlash

Solana wallet Phantom brings valuation to $1.2B after $109M Series B

Meta sells stablecoin Diem project for $182M

February 2022

Crypto market tumbles amid uncertainty over Russia and Ukraine

Bitcoin and Ethereum fall below psychologically important levels as rising uncertainty clouds markets. Is the Fed also depressing crypto’s prospects?

Why Asia is poised to be the next big market for an NFT boom

Global NFT sales are exploding in 2022, but experts predict this is only the beginning of a bigger surge in Asia.

The Australian Open launches on the metaverse, attracting digital fans

In the latest sign of growing blockchain adoption, the tennis tournament expands to the metaverse, offering rewards and participation through NFTs.

Upstart NFT marketplace LooksRare challenges OpenSea’s dominance

The NFT platform crosses $1B in sales volume within a week after launch, but with a controversial incentive structure and so-called ‘vampire’ attack.

Crypto ‘finfluencers’ are attracting a new following — of regulators

Online influencers may be improving crypto-financial literacy for millions of people. But regulators have growing concerns.

Is Bitcoin’s rocky start to 2022 a sign of things to come?

The 2022 crypto market has had a tough start as Bitcoin and Ethereum dipped below significant price points. But crypto experts say it’s not all doom and gloom.

Flash crash hits crypto market, but prices steady throughout Asia trading day

Bearish concerns over Federal Reserve rate hikes show a continued correlation with traditional markets, but industry watchers see changing dynamics at play.

Bitcoin, Ethereum price level sluggish while NFT sales volume surges

The crypto market leaders are trading sideways so far in the new year. But NFT trading volume has exploded, with strong Q1 performance expected.

After a stellar year for Bitcoin and record crypto prices, what to expect in 2022

2021 was a big year for crypto. As we enter a new year, Forkast.News asks market watchers what might be in store for the next 12 months.

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Meta sells stablecoin Diem project for $182M

Zuellig Pharma to use its blockchain tool to track Covid vaccines

Apple to turn iPhones into payment terminals

Russia’s finance ministry calls for crypto regulation, not ban

OpenSea NFT marketplace hacked for 332 ETH

Fantom overtakes Binance Smart Chain in DeFi TVL

Bitcoin price falls below $40K for second time in two weeks

No decision on digital dollar in Fed’s new CBDC report

Google hires former PayPal exec in crypto push

Microsoft to acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard in metaverse bid inks AU$27M deal with the Australian Football League

Cardano ADA beats Bitcoin as Ethereum alternative: Twitter poll

Palau to issue stablecoins in digital overhaul, president says

Blockchain to enhance water supply chains in northern Australia

New NFT marketplace challenges OpenSea’s dominance

Aussie tennis star rides NFT wave as Australian Open looms

PayPal confirms exploring USD-backed stablecoin for payments

Australian Open comes to metaverse platform Decentraland

January 2022

Does content moderation on platforms like OpenSea amount to censorship?

What are the responsibilities of blockchain companies when it comes to freedom of expression? A controversial cartoonist finds out the boundaries.

New Cosmos, Mastercard projects to boost Ethereum scalability

With Ethereum usage at all-time high, a Cosmos ‘bridge’ to other blockchains and Mastercard rollups aim to solve a major problem plaguing the Eth network.

NBA is taking the lead with blockchain, crypto

The National Basketball Association has been ahead of the game in crypto adoption, but after a week of major developments, the league is now way out in front.

Australia on track for a crypto boom by 2030, EY report says

The report says the country’s crypto industry could swell by up to 30 times its current size in the coming decade.

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Australian Open comes to metaverse platform Decentraland

Avalanche price surge leads minor market rebound